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Why ECO Green?

We Have Something To Prove To You…

Seeing an opportunity to improve a historically stagnant industry, ECO Green’s founders determined that the tire recycling equipment market was due for a refresh in methodology, technology, and markets. Existing companies, which have been around for years, have shown minor improvements in tire recycling equipment efficiencies and performance.

Why does this matter?

Tire recyclers today are handling greater amounts of scrap tires annually than ever before—nearing 300 million tires disposed annually in the USA alone. The desire for more efficient equipment with lower operating and maintenance costs is increasing. As vehicle and tire growth expand into new regions and markets, tire recyclers will demand more efficient processing technologies.

ECO Green Equipment’s mission is to provide not only improved technology in tire recycling equipment, but also comprehensive secondary market knowledge so our customers will be better prepared in todays marketplace.

There is a reason we are “Your Best Return on Investment and Environment.” Contact us today to learn how we are consistently testing and improving equipment, technology, and secondary rubber markets so our customers will experience industry success now and in years to come.

Key Advantages of ECO Green Equipment:

  • State-of-the-art Equipment Designs and Technology
  • Lowest Equipment Wear Costs in the industry by up to 20%
  • Ease of Maintenance and Service Accessible Equipment
  • Low Production Costs…Lower Energy, Higher Capacities
  • ECO Service Experience…Responsive Global Support

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