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ECO TDS TS-15-150 - TDS (Tire Derived Shreds)

ECO TDS TS-15-150 System

Take your scrap tires down in size with our primary shred systems. Tires are cut down to 2” – 6” inch rough shreds.

The ECO TDS (Tire Derived Shred) modules provide reliability and operational savings for processors demanding clean, contaminant-free TDS  rubber shreds.

Come see us for a demonstration…the ECO TDS module will impress!


ECO TDS (Tire Derived Shred) module systems are designed to perform a primary shred of scrap tires and output 2” – 6” inch rough shreds for collection or further processing.

ECO TDS-15 system features the efficient cutting system of the ECO Green Giant primary shredder, and screens and re-circulates material until the desired size is achieved. This system can process up to 15 tons per hour of material. The process results in a clean, uniform rough shred.

ECO TDS systems were designed as a stand-alone rough shred operation or can be configured with accessory connecting equipment for re-circulation and screening capabilities. This state-of-the-art cutting technology returns low wear costs and easily adapts to new or existing tire recycling systems.

Take a closer look at an ECO TDS system at work.


The ECO TDS-15 system is uniquely designed to process all sizes of scrap tires into high-quality rough shreds as small as 2” – 6” rough shreds. During this process, the tires are cut and re-circulated, leaving a clean uniform rough shred.

An ECO TDS system is your best solution for clean TDS rough shreds!

  • Process up to 15 tons/hr of 2”-6” inch rough shred output
  • ECO TDS-TS-15-150 features the ECO Green Giant 120 two-shaft primary shredder
  • Recirculation equipment is included with this system
  • Ideal for processors demanding high volume output for TDS, TDF, and TDA

Contact us today to learn more about our TDS-15 system for scrap tire processing.


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The ECO TDS-15 system features the ability to process all sizes of scrap tires.

Many are looking for more effective ways to process other waste and materials with the ECO TDS systems. We are currently researching and developing ways to accomplish this with materials such as wood, plastics, and municipal solid waste (MSW).

Depending on the required output, ECO TDS systems can process challenging items at efficient rates. Contact an ECO Green Equipment Representative for more information about these powerful and cost effective systems for your operation.

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