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4 Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Coffee Break

Published May 4, 2015


People enjoy their morning coffee. It’s not only a great way to wake up and get moving, it brings a sense of familiarity and calm to those particularly chaotic days in the office. And with nearly 85% of adults drinking the stuff, you can be sure your employees are fueling up before, during, and after they clock out.


If your break room is reeling from coffee costs and environmental blunders, never fear. We have scouted out some ways to create an eco-friendly business that still welcomes numerous caffeine consumers.


BYOM: Bring Your Own Mug


25 billion Styrofoam cups are tossed in the trash every year, and they won’t be leaving for a long, long time. By asking employees to bring their own coffee mug, you are saving on cups, trash liners, and company costs. Bonus: Your heated pick-me-up will actually stay hot much longer in a glass mug compared to their temporary, caustic Styrofoam cousins.


Reusable K Cups


While coffee drinkers may believe the Keurig machine to be the best invention since Starbucks made the humble coffee bean famous, K-Cups aren’t doing our environment any favors. Meant to be disposable and therefore not recyclable, they are quickly forming a toxic K-Cup mountain in our landfills.


Keep a clear conscience and the convenience of quick coffee by ‘investing’ in an Ekobrew refillable K-Cup. Your employees can use your own coffee inside the BPA free filter, then brew as usual with the Keurig machine. With a price tag just under $10, it will pay for itself after just a dozen cups of the beverage, making it a smarter choice for the entire workplace.


Ditch Individually Sized Creamers


Bulk dispensers are the economically intelligent option when it comes to adding in a dash of half and half or creamer. These sweeteners are typically packaged in plastic ‘cups’ are rarely recyclable, meaning the environmental offences are ten-fold.


Your business can take a stand by purchasing the larger, more cost-effective creamer containers for the break room. You’ll have less packaging, meaning less garbage in the ground. Finally the larger, plastic containers are (usually) recyclable, which is what we are going for in the first place.


A Flurry of Stir Sticks


Coffee stir sticks are another easy item that can be switched up without protest from the average Joe needing his Java. Plastic stir sticks can be found all over the counters and in the trash. Although they are used for a mere 2 seconds to stir a good cup of coffee, they spend hundreds of years distressing our environment.


Purchase biodegradable, wooden stir sticks and then have a clearly labeled container set to the side for used sticks. (Later they can be composted along with your pencil shavings and coffee grounds.) This simple move will set the precedent for a truly green company.


If this sounds too complicated, phase out stir sticks altogether and provide an overabundance of spoons, which can then be hand or machine washed, making them a simple, reusable choice.

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