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Bagging Stations - Bagging & Storage Equipment

Material Handling

ECO Green Equipment provides a two station bag house which efficiently collects and stores your valuable material for transportation.

This bag station provides reliability and operational savings for processors demanding quick, efficient collection of recycled material. A included digital scale weighs material during and after collection.

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At the end of the line you can find the ECO Bag Station. Available in a two bag setup, the ECO Bag Station provides a collection point for your valuable rubber output.

The ECO Bag Station comes with a digital scale and weight monitor for screening the filling process. This information is relayed to operators who monitor each bag fill for storage or shipment.  Each station is set up to fill standard 100-gallon “Super Sack” linen bags.

Take a closer look at the ECO Bagging Station at work.


The ECO Two Bag Station is designed to collect and weight your valuable rubber output in preparation for storage or shipping. Equipped with two discharge chutes, the ECO Two Bag Station holds large linen super sacks on forklift ready racks. Some key features of the ECO Two Bag Station are:

Two Filling Stations holding large 100-gallon Super Sacks, Digital Scale provides real time weight and capacity information, Real Time Weighing and Auto-Shut Off and Easy Fork-Lift Access and Tray Removal.

Take a closer look at the ECO Bagging Station at work in a fully configured tire recycling system.





The ECO Bag Station features the ability to fill all types of material in addition to rubber.

We are currently researching and developing ways to utilize the ECO Bag Station technology for other material applications.

Contact an ECO Green Equipment Representative for more information about this efficient collection and weighing system for your operation.

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