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Rubber Granulators

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For rubber processing, Granulators are typically the third station in the tire recycling lineup. At this stage, wire-free material is processed from the secondary shredder into the granulator, which reduces further into uniform granules with all steel and fiber removed. These shredders are high-speed knife mills that reduce feedstock to a particle size.

This machine is where the fiber removal and extraction begins. Passenger tires typically contain 10-15% nylon or polyester fabric by weight. Granulators output crumb rubber, which is typically 3/8” – 400 microns (0.400 mm) in size.

While there are a multitude of similarly designed granulators in the market today, look for one that is engineered specifically for the type of material you are processing.

  • Granulator Processing:

    • Rubber Mulch is reduced to 3/8” – 400 microns (0.400 mm)   crumb
    • Granulators reduce materials to particle size shreds.
    • Granulators typically process up to 3 tons/hour of input


  • Granulator Markets:

    • Scrap Tire Rubber Market
    • Scrap Plastics Market
    • Useful for other Waste Material Markets


  • Granulator Benefits:

    • Quickly Reduces Rubber Mulch into small rubber granules
    • Removes 99.9% of tire fiber, leaving contaminant free rubber granules
    • Preferred machines for specific material output sizes

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