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The final station of tire recycling involves a fine grinding or milling which takes material from the mulch or crumb rubber stage and reduces it down to 2 – 0.177 mm (2000 – 177 microns) rubber powder depending on the requirement.  This station is where a fine grinding cracker mill processes and recirculates crumb rubber until clean rubber powder is achieved.

  • Fine Grinding Processing:

    • Crumb Rubber reduced to 2 – 0.177 mm (2000 – 177 microns) rubber
    • Cracker Mills reduce materials to particle size shreds
    • Fine Grind Mills typically process up to 1-3 tons/hour of input
  • Fine Grinding Markets:

    • Scrap Tire Rubber Market
    • New Rubber Mixtures
    • Geo Membranes
    • Thermo Plastics
    • New Tires
    • Scrap Plastics Market
    • Other Waste Markets
  • Fine Grinding Benefits:

    • Quickly reduces crumb rubber into fine rubber powder material
    • More efficient process than typical granulation
    • Produce commercial quantities of fine material

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