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Tire Shredders

Tire ShreddersMODELS


The first machine a scrap tire sees is a primary shredder.  These are powerful units which perform the first cut of a whole tire. Primary shredders typically come in either a single or two shaft configuration and output 2”-6” inch rough shreds for use or further processing.

  • Shredder Processing

    – Whole Scrap Tires Reduced to 2”-6” shreds

    – Shredders typically come in single or two shaft models

    – Can be configured with re-circulatory accessory equipment

    – Can typically process from 10-30 tons/hr of input

  • Shredder Markets

    – Scrap Tire Rubber Market

    – Useful for other Waste Markets

  • Shredder Benefits

    – Quickly Reduces Tire Stockpiles

    – Suitable for both small and large-scale projects


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