We all know that recycling is good for the planet and those who reside on it. Rubber is one of the most used materials around, ensuring all of our road-worthy methods of transportation make it from Point A to Point B.

While it’s obvious that rubber is utilized in cars, bicycles, trucks, ATVs and other vehicles with rubber tires, you may not realize that rubber is being snuck into all sorts of everyday items! This is a good thing, though, trust us! Below are four commonly used items in the home and workplace that deserve a nod of appreciation to their contributor…recycled rubber.

1. Rubber is hiding out in your window linings

Getting a good night’s rest is much easier with the ingenious use of rubber to line the outside of your household windows. Since the material is flexible and waterproof, it makes a great spongy absorber of sound and vibration in door and window linings.

The rubber lining helps prevent moisture from entering your house and also helps regulate the temperature in your home. And, since the linings are durable and weatherproof, they can last for a long time.

2. Rubber is hiding out in your washing machine

Fit with a waterproof rubber gasket, your washing machine door seals snugly when closed, preventing any leaks, an extremely important feature on a washing machine.

The durable nature of the rubber gasket also ensures that you won’t have to replace it for a number of years, making it both economically and environmentally friendly. We do recommend cleaning it out with a damp cloth every once in awhile, though.

3. Rubber is hiding out within your desktop mouse pad

When you log into your desktop computer, your hand navigates the screen with the assistance of your trusty mouse, gliding smoothly over your old but still usable mouse pad.

While it seems like such a trivial thing, mousepads last so long thanks to the rubber material they’re comprised of. It’s strong, durable, flexible, and a part of green technology. The synthetic rubber makes a handy surface, much better than a regular desk top. Rubber sure is useful, isn’t it?

4. Rubber is hiding inside your number two pencil eraser

You’ve taken copious notes both in and out of the office, erasing, rewriting, then erasing some more to get things just right. Yes, it’s taken awhile, but you are finally satisfied with your final draft. Now you just have to type it up.

Writing up a rough draft just doesn’t work the same on a computer, does it? We don’t think so, either. Well, you would be doing a lot more scribbling and crossing out if you didn’t have your trusty eraser. Interesting fact: Less expensive erasers are made from synthetic rubber, while others can be made out of synthetic soy-based gum. Defective erasers can be re-used in a second batch, too, making sure that nothing goes to waste.

Rubber is definitely everywhere, and it’s used in many everyday items to make your life easier.