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Wire-free Chip

Wire-free Chip
TDS TDF Shredders


Wire-free Chips or Rubber Mulch are shreds that exit through the second station or secondary shredder of a tire recycling line. At this stage, rough shreds from the primary shredder are processed into a uniform chip with steel removed through a wire cleaning/magnet removal process. These chips are typically 99.9% wire-free. Wire-free chips are typically found in 1 ¼” – 3/8” inch in size.

Wire-free chips have numerous uses from landscaping and playgrounds to engineering applications. An added value of wire-free chips is the ability to remove the steel and sell to buyers. Wire-free mulch is a low-maintenance material for landscapers and homeowners.

Wire-Free Chip Processing:

  • Scrap Tire Primary Shreds Reduced to 1 ¼ ” – 3/8 inch chips/mulch
  • Takes 80 Scrap Tires to Make One Cubic Yard of Rubber
  • Mulch Wire-free Chips have steel removed through a magnet system
  • Wire-free Chips can be sold or processed further into crumb rubber

Wire-free Chip Markets:

  • Playground Cover and Applications
  • Garden Mulch
  • Wire-free TDF
  • Civil Engineering Applications
  • Athletic Turf Infill and Fields Equestrian Products

Wire-free Chip Benefits:

  • Cost Effective Alternative to Native Materials
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Long Useful Life
  • Provides steel and rubber for selling
  • Diverts Tires from Landfills and Environment
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