TDS (Tire Derived Shreds)

Tire derived shreds (TDS) are the first primary shreds from scrap tires of all sizes. These first cuts are produced as whole tires (or pre-cut pieces) enter and exit from a primary shredder. These shreds are typically 2” – 6” inches in size but can range in size after the first cut.  Recirculating the first shreds is available for smaller sizes. Learn More

Wire-free Chips / Mulch

Wire-free Chips or Rubber Mulch are shreds that exit through the second station or secondary shredder of a tire recycling line. At this stage, rough shreds from the primary shredder are processed into a uniform chip with steel removed through a wire cleaning/magnet removal process. These chips are typically 99.9% wire-free. Wire-free chips are typically found in 1 ¼” – 3/8” inch in size. Learn More

Crumb Rubber

Crumb Rubber is the result of the third station in the ECO Green lineup. At this stage, wire-free rubber mulch is processed into a uniform granule with all steel and fiber removed. Crumb Rubber is typically found in 3/8” – 400 microns (0.400 mm) in size. Learn More

Rubber Powder

Rubber Powder is the final result of ambient tire recycling. At this stage, crumb rubber is ground down into a clean powder form with virtually all steel and fiber removed. Rubber Powder has numerous secondary uses from injection molding products, coatings, roofing materials and various asphalt applications. Learn More