Rubber Powder

Rubber Powder
Rubber Powder



Rubber Powder is the final result of ambient tire recycling. At this stage, crumb rubber is ground down into a clean powder form with virtually all steel and fiber removed. Rubber Powder has numerous secondary uses from injection molding products, coatings, roofing materials and various asphalt applications.

Rubber Powder is typically found in 400 – 74 microns (0.400 – .074 mm) in size. This micron-size material has the advantage of being incorporated into new or existing formulations for various polymers and finished products.

Rubber Powder Processing:

  • Crumb Rubber material typically reduced to 400 microns (0.400 mm) powder or smaller is Rubber Powder
  • On Average, 5 to 8 pounds of rubber powder can come from one passenger car tire Rubber Powder sizing is comparable to the consistency of flour

Rubber Powder Markets:

  • Molded Plastic Applications
  • Sealant and Paint Additive Rubber
  • Modified Asphalt Thermo Plastics Applications
  • Geo-Membranes
  • Other Extruded Products and Rubber Mixtures

Rubber Powder Benefits:

  • Stress absorbing properties for asphalt application
  • Performance and Durability
  • Incorporated into multiple polymers and products
  • Diverts Tires from Landfills and Environment