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The ECO Grater series features a revolutionary operating design to reduce heat and operating costs in rubber processing. Call us direct to learn more about this exciting separation technology!


The ECO Grater series is the ultimate machine for mid-stream grinding and steel separation. The ECO Grater is designed to take pre-shredded tire chips and produce between 38-16 mm (1.50” – 0.625” inch) wire-free rubber chips or mulch.

Each unit includes a powerful electric motor, which powers a patent-pending rotor and knife/blade system ready to process up to 12 metric tons of input per hour. This powerful combination provides years of worry free operation with minimal operating costs and maintenance.

The ECO Grater series features the ECO Grater 101 model which increases production capacity while reducing heat generation through lower RPMs. Fewer moving parts, lower operating speeds, and long lasting double-row spherical steel bearings provides lower maintenance and less grease costs…improving your business’s bottom line.

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The ECO Grater series is a patent-pending secondary shredder exclusive to ECO Green Equipment. For the best commercial production of rubber and steel separation—the ECO Grater is the industry standard.

  • Process up to 12 metric TPH of 2” – 6” rough shred input
  • Output Range is 25 mm (1” inch minus) wire-free rubber mulch
  • Ideal for processors demanding the best output for rubber mulch applications

With quick access service doors and service ramp, the ECO Grater series provides operators immediate access to the cutting chamber for maintenance and servicing.

For an exclusive tour and demonstration of the ECO Grater secondary shredder, please contact an ECO Green Equipment representative today!


The ECO Grater is the next generation of steel and fiber removal shredders. It’s design and structure has the potential to alter the scrap rubber processing markets in addition to other applications.

Many are looking for more effective ways to process other waste and materials with the ECO Grater.  Materials such as plastics, wood, and municipal solid waste (MSW) are being considered.  The ECO Green team is currently researching and developing ways to accomplish this.

Depending on the required output, the ECO Grater can process these challenging items at efficient rates. Contact an ECO Green Equipment Representative for more information.


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