Making money in the business world often comes down to playing to your strengths and personality. Think of your life outside work. What do you like to do with a free weekend? Activities might include:

  • Hiking in the mountains
  • Building something fun in your backyard
  • Organizing your filing cabinet.
  • Hanging out with friends.

Whatever it is for you, it likely has an attachment to one of these five strength-based personalities:

  1. Risk-taker
  2. Creative thinker
  3. People person
  4. Detail-oriented individual
  5. Visionary

If you see yourself exhibiting multiple of these personalities, that’s great! Whatever your strengths, there is a way to use them in your business venture. Let’s look at these five generalized personalities and explain how you can turn each into money-making strategies in the tire recycling industry.

1. The Risk-Taker

Strategy: Start a Tire Pyrolysis Business

You could argue that all business people are risk-takers to some degree. But some of us actually enjoy risking it all for that big return. Starting a tire pyrolysis business means making a larger initial investment than other tire shredding business models, but the returns can be huge. Many of the high-profile tire recycling companies today are pyrolysis focused.

Pyrolysis gives more options to the final products of tire recycling. This business involves purchasing a tire shredding machine as well as a superheating pyrolysis machine that will process whole tires down into their constituent parts – carbon black, metal, and energy.

The rewards can be significant if you’re willing to take risks and embrace the journey. Be sure to do your due diligence, research the market, and avoid rash decisions along the way.

2. The Creative Thinker

Strategy: Make Tire Furniture

Creative businesses are a gift to humanity. Rather than simply doing the job, creative businesspeople do it in a way that brings joy and fun into otherwise tedious labor. In the tire recycling industry, this could mean making furniture out of waste. Old tires play a key role here. Imagine lawn chairs, outdoor tables, tire swings, compost bins, garden boxes, and more. If you have a talent for painting, tires provide a great canvas.

Once you plan your products, you’ll need to figure out how to produce tire furniture in greater quantities. You can sell your tire furniture online, at craft fairs, or even in local boutiques.

3. The People Person

Strategy: Start a Tire Collection Service

Social people thrive on interacting with others. We are all people persons to some degree, but some of us have a unique talent for making and maintaining connections. Starting a tire collection service means being one. This business involves collecting old tires from individuals and businesses and transporting them to a recycling facility.

You’ll get to meet new people, see new places, and positively impact the environment. You’ll also provide a valuable service to those needing to dispose of their old tires. This business will involve a lot of talking, but if you like doing that, it’d be an exciting project too.

4. The Detail-Oriented Individual

Strategy: Create Recycled Tire Products

If you are the kind of person who notices the details in everything, you might be a detail-oriented individual. Recycled tire products like plugs, mats, and toys may appeal to your sense of detail and aesthetics.

The tire recycling equipment you’ll need for this kind of recycling includes a colorizing machine and molds in addition to the rougher tire shredding machines and granulators. Since your products will be more processed, they can sell for a higher price, making your business more profitable.

It’s easy to turn into a micro-manager as a person who cares about details. Learn how to delegate tasks to others and trust them to make the right decisions. Otherwise, your business will take a long time to get going.

5. The Visionary

Strategy: Build a Green Energy Plant

If you’re a visionary, you probably enjoy thinking big and positively impacting the world. Visionaries don’t just think about making money but about how good the world could be if things were different.

Tire recycling can be an avenue to realizing this change you want to see in the world. Tire-derived fuel is an alternative to coal which generates similar, if not more, energy per weight. While old tires still produce some pollutants, these can be captured before they escape into the atmosphere.

Tire-derived fuel can be sold to numerous companies that still rely on coal to help them transition to less harmful ways of powering their industries. Even though money might not be your main motivator, there is a waterfall of funds pouring into the green energy transition right now.

Tire recycling offers a variety of monetization opportunities for entrepreneurs of all personalities. Whether you’re a risk-taker, a creative thinker, a people person, a detail-oriented individual, or a visionary, there’s a tire recycling opportunity out there that suits your unique personality. If nothing else, now you have a better understanding of the variety of tire recycling businesses out there and how they’re all using the same ingredients to add value to the world.


In the business realm, financial success often hinges on aligning your entrepreneurial endeavors with your inherent strengths and personality traits. Reflect on your favorite leisure activities; be it mountain hiking, backyard DIY projects, meticulous organization, or social gatherings, these preferences can hint at your core strengths. These activities resonate with five distinct strength-based personalities: the risk-taker, creative thinker, people person, detail-oriented individual, and visionary.

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