The benefits of recycling are numerous; everybody knows that. But going green in the workplace takes the payback to a whole new level! By taking a few extra seconds to sort the trash from the recyclable materials, you are preventing the growth of toxic garbage dumps while making Mother Nature-and your boss-smile.

Contrary to what you might think, though, reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out chore. There are a number of simple steps you can take that will have a great impact today, tomorrow, and in the future. Read on!

Write (Gel) Pens Off

Pen and paper will always have its place in the work world, but these disposable pieces of plastic have been piling up in our landfills long enough. Look into company-inscribed refillable pens, or at least steer clear of gel pens, which take more energy to make during the manufacturing process.

Pencils are Perfect

Graphite pencils (not mechanical pencils) are made of wood, which is a natural resource. You’ll also save money, as the traditional pencil is less expensive than the plastic pen.


Composting office supplies comes easy when you keep a small container nearby, clearly labeled to indicate what its primary use is for. Each time you empty out the coffee filter, dump the coffee grinds into a resealable container-it’s great for soil.

Might we also suggest saving those precious wooden shavings each time you sharpen that #2 pencil? Those wooden flakes are great for warding off bugs in the garden, too!

Try Reusable K-Cups

You use your own coffee inside an Ekobrew refillable K-Cup! These BPA free filters work just like traditional K-Cups and can be brewed as usual with Keurig machines. With a price tag just under $10, it will pay for itself after just a dozen cups of the beverage, making it a great, greener option for coffee-drinkers.

Say Goodbye to Styrofoam Cups

Styrofoam cups are not just costly; they’re a toxic time bomb. By bringing your own coffee mug, you are saving on cups, trash liners, and company costs.

Toss the Small Size Options

Bulk dispensers are the economically intelligent option when it comes to adding in a dash of half and half or creamer. You’ll have less packaging, meaning less garbage in the ground.

Amp Up Your Paper Supply

You might already be in the habit of tossing scratch paper in the blue recycling bin, but perhaps you could do just a little bit more for Mother Earth? If you need to print out a bunch of forms, use both sides of the paper; check out your printer’s settings to make this easier in the long run.

The more you know about recycling, the easier it becomes to create a healthier environment, regardless of the type of products you are generating or the services you have to offer. Eco-friendly practices are great for growing your company’s wallet and encouraging employees to learn green methods that transfer easily to their home life.