Recycling tires is safe, environment friendly, and can even be quite fun for your family. If you have used tires and are looking for some ways to recycle tires for some family fun, here are few ideas:

1. A Sturdy Sandbox

Work together as a family to create a durable sandbox for your backyard from a recycled tractor tire. Add paint to your tire for a customized and entertaining appearance. When you find the perfect place to rest your new sandbox, add the sand and start digging.

2. Different than the Ordinary Swing

Tire swings are a great way to recycle used tires. When it comes to tire swings there are many design options to choose from.

  • Keep it simple – tie one end of a rope around the tire and the other end around a large branch.
  • Make room for more than one – orient the tire on its side and attach three chains of equal length equidistant from each other around the tire. Connect these chains together with an s-hook and hang from an eye-hook, rope, etc.
  • Think creatively – cut, twist, bend and carve your tire until it resembles more than just a swing. Make it into an animal, a vehicle, or turn it inside out and create a snail.

3. Playground Equipment

Recycled tires of all sizes are great for playground fun. You can use recycled tires to create playground equipment for climbing, jumping, swinging, rolling, or even to climb under and through. As you can imagine, because of the sturdy construction of a tire, it will last far longer than some other options such as wood, rope, or even plastic. Because of its longevity playground equipment made from recycled tires will endure whatever abuse kids and their parents can dish out.

4. Storage Bins

Rather than purchasing a fabricated toy chest that resembles a stack of tires, you can teach your kids how to recycle and create an amazing do-it-yourself tire storage bin. Choose the height of the storage bin by using one or two tires. Attach a few castors to the bottom tire to allow for easy mobility. Make a lid using a piece of wood and affixing a knob. Add a splash of color to your storage bin by adding a coat of paint to the tires. You may even choose to make this project into a family activity by letting your little ones help you paint designs on the tires.

5. Artificial Sport Turf and Mulch    

With a tire shredding machine you can easily recycle your tires into soft mulch your children can play on while outdoors. If you can add a lattice or webbing with artificial grass together they will make the greatest sport turf you can ask for.

There are many more ways you can recycle your used tires to improve your life and enjoy time with your family. Keeping used tires out of tire fires and landfills will not only benefit the environment, but your lives as well.