It is estimated that in most developing nations, there is a yearly generation of one scrap tire per person. Only a small percentage of these tires end up being retreaded leaving the rest to accumulate in various places.

The accumulation of these tires has an overbearing effect on the environs not to mention the air pollution caused when we decide to burn these tires. So recycling is a viable and indeed a very good option when it comes to used tires. Indeed there are several industries that would benefit from recycling of tires.

1. Energy Production Industry
It has been shown that scrap tire can be shredded and used as energy. In fact, tire has been shown to produce as much energy as oil and 25% more than coal. When burnt, this fuel is clean since it does not produce any sulfur.

2. Shoe Manufacturing Industry

Recycled tire can make some very trendy and durable soles for shoes. Tire-soled shoes are not only durable but are able to weather some of the harshest conditions of nature. Since used tire is easy to find, the shoe manufacturers will find it to be a cheap raw material for their products.

3. The Fashion Industry

Fashion is all about creativity. It is also highly dynamic. Recycled tires can be put into various creative uses. Handbags, wallets and various carry-ons can be made from rubber from recycled tire. These will not only be fashionable, but they will be slip-resistant and durable.

4. The Rail Industry

Rubber-encased steel-beam cores are increasing becoming common in the manufacture of trail tracks. The durability of these rail tracks is way longer than that of ordinary steel tracks and can last up to 90 years. They are also 200% stronger.

5. The Road Construction Industry

One great way of using recycled tires is by using it in building roads. Regular asphalt can be mixed with ground up rubber and used to pave roads. It is durable and rubberized paving offer an excellent driving experience on the road. Speed bumps and parking curbs too can be made from recycled tires.

6. The Flower Industry
Flower planters, flower pots and flower baskets can easily be made from used tires. Even commercial flower gardens and greenhouses can find great use for used tires. Rubber mulches too are an excellent use for old tires.

7. The Housing Industry

Recycled tire makes a cheap raw material for roofing shingles. Additionally tire can be used to make mats and carpet underlay among other useful housing materials. 
There are many innovative ways of using old tires. It is thus encouraged that we embrace recycling for a greener and healthier environment.