Keeping used tires from contaminating our air and land by recycling or repurposing them will be fun and rewarding as you create new things from these nearly indestructible creative materials. Below are eight ways to repurpose or reuse your used tires for use in your backyard instead of sending them off to a landfill.

1. Mulch

Nearly indestructible and non-biodegradable, mulch is made from shredded, used tires and makes a great barrier against weeds and encroaching grass.

2. Flower Pots

Add rich soil inside a painted tire and plant a variety of plants around your home. Used tires can also be repurposed as planter boxes that hang from the side of your shed, garage or home.

3. Sandbox

Using a large tire from a tractor or other machine, you can fill the center with sand and not have to worry about sinking it into the ground. The weight of the tire will be sufficient to keep the sand inside.

4. Sculptures

Make yard sculptures as an eclectic addition to your lawn and landscaping. Explore your creativity or get your inspiration from artists who have mastered the art of making sculptures out of used tires.

5. Patio Furniture

Whether you take one tire and make it into a footstool or combine several and make a table and chairs, your used tires will make great patio furniture. UV ray proof, water proof, weather proof and child proof, patio furniture made from used tires will last a lifetime.

6. Tether Ball or Volley Ball Stand

Large tires make great stands and bases for a variety of useful things. For backyard fun, fill one with some cement and affix a pole in the center and you have an amazing base for playing tether ball. Make two and all you need is a ball and a net to play some volleyball in your own backyard.

7. Swing

There are many different ways to make a tire swing, or rather, a swing made from a used tire or several used tires. A simple swing could just be a tire hung by a rope from a branch. An elaborate swing could mimic the look of a dragon or an insect.

8. Bike Rack

If you need a place to park your bikes, then a bike rack made from used tires will not only be a great solution, it will also let you feel like you are helping the environment out while you build it. If you want to park your bikes outside, you can simply bury the tires halfway in the ground separated by only two or three inches. Assuming you have room to park them inside, building a rack is easy as well.