Rubber tire recycling is a multi-step process. It begins with a primary shredder that cuts the tires into smaller pieces suitable for the rubber graters and granulators. The proficiency and speed of this first step are essential to the overall efficiency of the recycling plant.

With the introduction of our ECO Green Giant, we have raised the bar for primary shredders in the industry. To truly understand how this machine breaks down tires, watch it in action here.

Pretty impressive, eh?

Now that you’ve seen what the ECO Green Giant can do, we’ll explain a few of its highlights.


Like many primary shredders, the ECO Green Giant’s main function is to handle the initial physical breakdown of the tires. It cuts whole tires into smaller shreds. It can produce shreds ranging in size from 2 to 6 inches. However, this shredder has some distinct advantages you should know about.

The ECO Green Giant is a two-shaft shredder capable of processing 30 tons of whole car and truck tires per hour. It can also handle debeaded off-the-road (OTR), super singles, and chopped and debeaded mining tires. It accomplishes this feat with our new, patent-pending blade system.

The rotors in the ECO Green Giant house 24 triangle-shaped fly knife inserts. These triangle-shaped knives all have six-blade surfaces that can be sharpened when they become dull, providing 12 sharp cutting surfaces per fly knife. This design gives the blades an exceptionally long working life within the shredder. We estimate that a blade’s life is roughly 3 million passenger tires or 2,500 tons per knife edge.

An access compartment in the cutting chamber makes it easy to remove, rotate, sharpen, or replace knives as needed with ease. Using an ECO Green Giant translates to less downtime for your recycling line, as minor maintenance is quick and easy for technicians to perform.


The Giant not only boosts line efficiency by reducing downtime, but it is cost-efficient to use. Anytime you are cutting through tires, there will be wear and tear on machinery as they cut through rubber, steel, and fibers embedded in the tires. These materials can quickly wear down the surface of the blades and place stress on the motor in your machines.

Keeping machine maintenance costs low can be one of the biggest challenges in the tire recycling industry. However, with blades that can be used and reused and fewer moving parts than a typical primary shredder, the ECO Green Giant has a very low wear cost. The wear cost for this shredder is estimated to be only $1 to $3 per ton. It also requires less energy to operate, making the Giant a budget-wise choice.

Powerful Motors

The Eco Green Giant features two 75kW (100HP) electric motors to power the rotor, which houses the cutting blades and knives in the cutting chamber. A combination of slow rotation and high-torque is used to cut through large tires with ease. With a total of 200HP between the two motors, it can readily grab whole tires and cut cleanly through the tough rubber of end of life tires (ELT) without missing a beat.

Product Output

As a primary shredder, the ECO Green Giant is designed for cutting tires into 2 to 6-inch tire-derived shreds (TDS). Depending on your desired end product, there is also an option to recirculate the rubber shreds back through the machine to produce smaller shreds with each pass until they reach 2 inches in size.

Rubber shreds in the 2 to 6-inch size range are ready to be fed down the recycling line into shredding and grinding equipment to produce crumb rubber or rubber powder. These products have many applications in construction, landscaping, and engineering projects. The market for them is growing.

Alternately, TDS can be sold as they are for use in tire derived fuel (TDF) or tire derived aggregate (TDA). Tire shreds mixed with coal, wood, or other chemicals become TDF, a clean-burning fuel often used in concrete kilns and paper plants. TDA is used in construction projects. In some applications, it is a better fill choice than dirt because it is lighter and can help reduce ground vibration and increase soil drainage.


While the ECO Green Giant is primarily used for rubber shredding, it is not confined to this use alone. It is a powerful shredder that can be used in many applications. As we look more broadly for ways to improve the environment, we are looking into other applications for the Green Giant equipment series, including processing plastics, wood, and other municipal waste.

At ECO Green Equipment, we know that you depend on your recycling equipment to keep your business running smoothly. The ECO Green Giant is designed to be hardworking and long-lasting. It is a powerful and dependable primary shredder that will keep your recycling line up and running.


All About the ECO Green Giant