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Old tires are everywhere, but that doesn’t mean that people know what to do with them. It has become abundantly clear over the past few decades that we cannot dump them all in landfills without harming the environment. At Eco Green Equipment, we are devoted to developing the machinery to help companies turn used tires into valuable aftermarkets like athletic fields, playground surfaces, mulch and molded goods. But how do you repurpose those tires as an everyday consumer? Read on for ideas, and feel free to call us for more tips on getting your tires to a recycling center near you.
Michael Lowe

Michael Lowe

Michael Lowe, CEO at Carpassionate.com.

To the junkyards and shops

You can usually get rid of old tires at junkyards and shops that like to recycle old parts. A friend of mine who runs the junkyard takes old tires as they can usually be repurposed for something else or recycled the proper way. Don’t just dump your old tires as this is bad for the environment. Taking them to the recycling centers yourself or giving them to a junkyard that likes them is usually the best way to go. You are healing the environment, and you will not get a fine for littering.

DIY project or sell them

You need to remember that there are almost no free ways to get rid of tires unless you want to turn them into a DIY project in your backyard. You could create a tree swing, a dog tire bed, or a tire table in the garden. If this is not something you would like to do, you could use the following options:


  • Find a recycling center in your area. Check with them to see if they are authorized to recycle tires. Some states have a tax-funded program for tire recycling. So, check your state laws.
  • Buy new tires so that the auto shop will take the old ones from you.
  • Depending on their condition, you can sell your tires to a local body shop or on Craiglist. I would recommend this option if you have large truck tires in good condition. Those can sell for $50 each.
Alex Manos

Alex Manos

Alex Manos is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and owner of Beverly Hills Car Club, one of the largest classic car dealerships in North America, and a renowned European classic cars expert.

Melanie Musson

Melanie Musson

Melanie Musson is a vehicle expert with the car insurance comparison site, CarInsuranceComparison.com.

Sell them through an online garage sale

Getting rid of old tires is not as easy as you would think. If your tires still have decent tread, the best way for you to dispose of them is to sell them through an online garage sale or marketplace. They might be just what someone else is looking for and can get a couple of years out of.

If your old tires have reached the end of their lifespan, the place where you get your new tires will usually take them and dispose of them for a fee. You can expect to pay in the neighborhood of five dollars a tire to dispose your tires.

You can also bring your tires to a recycling center. Tires aren’t biodegradable. If you bring them to a landfill, they’ll remain there forever. There are many ways tires can be recycled and repurposed, so it’s worth your effort to find a place that will recycle them.


Finding a waste tire processor is one way to get rid of your old tires. Personally, I don’t get rid of them. Instead, I re-use them as gym or workout equipment. My goal every day is to do 30-minutes of obstacle exercises and lift them as well. Touch-up or painting [the tires] depends on personal preference. I simply clean them since I like its garage vibe.

John Stevenson

John Stevenson

John Stevenson, Marketing Specialist for My Gre Exam Preparation.



Ian is the male side of a blogging couple who are looking for all the best around the world. Ian is an artist, photographer, writer, and a spark at Wild ‘n’ Free Diary.

Herb pots

My wife and I are using old tires as herb pots. We simply stack three tires one above another and fill them with manure, soil, and our favorite herb [plant]. Tires are super soft on the edge, which [allows us] to cut them with an ordinary knife. We do this only for the top tire, so the volume is bigger on the top tire.

This technique is great for growing potatoes as well. We plant a few potatoes in the first tire. When the green parts of the potato [plant] are out, we add another tire and plant a new potato. We repeat this [process] a few times. When our top potatoes are ready to harvest, we simply knock over the tire structure and take out all the potatoes. However, we must be [diligent] with watering the plants growing in tires due to the [faster] evaporation of water. To solve this problem, you can spray your tires white color.

Sandboxes for kids

A good way to repurpose old tires is by transforming them into sandboxes for kids to play in! Although tires can get pretty hot if left in the sun for too long, you can combat this by painting them a reflective color and placing them in the shade. You can also attach a few sanded down boards along the edges of the tire so that the children can have a comfortable place to sit down.

Lianne Sanders

Lianne Sanders

Lianne Sanders, Content Editor / Licensed Yoga Instructor at Total Shape.

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