When it comes to safety and production of our final products, ECO Green manages the complete process from the initial design of the system to the final installation. Our goal is to provide our customers with a competitive advantage. In addition, we use highly sophisticated testing equipment to ensure all heat-treated components meet industry standards.

Our high standards mean that, ultimately, your customers place a high value on themselves as well. Athletes want only the best, and our crumb rubber material delivers. Read on to see how much runners, weightlifters, and other hard-driven people can expect from recycled tires.

Crumb Rubber is Used in: Athletic Sport Fields

They may not know it, but athletes owe much of their performance on the field to crumb rubber! This recycled material comes from old rubber tires and adds a variety of benefits to long hours spent practicing on the field. Crumb rubber adds a cushioning aspect to the ground, protecting athletes from a myriad of injuries. If an athlete were practicing football on a dirt field, for example, a hard fall would result in far more bruising, cuts and scrapes. Crumb rubber absorbs much of the shock, making recovery much faster. Less recovery time means more time to practice and go for the goal.

Crumb Rubber is Used in: Sport Tracks

Crumb rubber surfaces are also far superior when it comes to less than ideal weather conditions for track runners. Rainfall would create a muddy mess, making practice meets frustrating and unproductive. Running on a dirt track would leave footmarks and create an uneven, pockmarked track unsuitable for training. However, a crumb rubber field or track drain excess moisture and dry quickly; they even reduce the possibility of dust or mud brought in by the players. Tires are definitely a benefit to sport-minded individuals.

Crumb Rubber is Used in: Bumper Plates

Crumb rubber is actually showcased all over the gym-take a look around the next time you head to your own gym for a good workout. If you lift weights, this fact will pump you up: Bumper plates, or just bumpers, are Olympic weightlifting plates that are made of thick, hard rubber (aka crumb rubber) so that a loaded bar can be safely dropped without risk of damaging the plates themselves, the lifting platform, or the floor. The rubber provides enough of a cushion that the platform or floor doesn’t risk getting cracked or broken. By preventing any damage from occurring to the bumpers or the floor, the weight lifter can focus on their performance, not on hoping their equipment holds up.

Crumb Rubber is Used in: Exercise Equipment Mats

Crumb rubber is also used to create those thick rubber mats that rest beneath all heavy cardio equipment, like treadmills and elliptical machines. (If you have ever seen smaller rubber tiles that look like interlocking puzzle pieces, those are the same thing, just cut differently.) Crumb rubber mats  can be found beneath large weight sets, too. These super sturdy mats absorb shock from the equipment, meaning your exercise routine isn’t disrupted by wobbling, tremors, or a slightly uneven gym-floor surface.