Yogurt has really made a comeback over the last couple of years. In the past, yogurt was known for coming in a few of the predictable fruity flavors (strawberry, blueberry, perhaps peach if you were lucky) and your basic vanilla with a dash of honey. It was always dairy based and was usually purchased in the large 16 ounce plastic tubs to cut down on costs.

However, we as a nation have decided that we deserve all the flavors under the sun, and our taste buds have never been so delighted! Not only are we enjoying mango, rhubarb, blackberry and even chocolate sprinkles, we have the option of spooning up yogurt derived from coconut milk, almond milk, and yes, even soy-based yogurt. We toss these convenient 4-5 ounce containers, healthy as they are, into our lunches, our mid-day smoothies, even our purses if the day is hectic enough. But all that excess plastic is taking its toll on our trashcans and, ultimately, the planet.

We have come up with some ways you can reuse those sturdy containers throughout your home, meaning you are not only organizing items on the cheap, you’re keeping excess plastics out of the landfills. Just toss each empty yogurt cup in the dishwasher for an easy, fuss-free solution to a potentially sticky mess. Now that’s smart eating!


Reign in those sparkling bracelets and rings for good. If you have an overcrowded jewelry drawer, a few Yoplait yogurt cups can really tame the mess. Organize the gems by color, style (everyday wear, special occasions) or just keep all rings, bracelets and earrings separated to keep it simple. For a uniform look, remove the thin plastic cover so all the containers are white.

Beauty Supplies

You can potentially free up an entire bathroom drawer by arranging your makeup necessities into some yogurt cups. Yulu brand yogurt cups have a wider base, which may accommodate longer beauty products like eye shadows and lipsticks.  They can also house hair clips and bobby pins.

Art Materials

Have a couple little ones under your roof? Use cleaned out yogurt cups to hold all the different paint colors. Another cup can hold water for rinsing out paintbrushes. If you want to hold onto the cups for a long while, spray paint each to match the contents within. This also works with storing crayons.

Food Rations

The next time you make a double batch of dinner, spoon out the excess into individual yogurt containers. Cover each cup with foil, or put two cups into one quart-sized freezer bags for easy, measured out rations. These pre measured dishes are great for putting in lunches or if you are watching your waistline and want to save a little time in the kitchen.

So, whether you are partial to yogurt with fruit on the bottom, thick and creamy Greek yogurt, protein and kefir-packed yogurt or even Aussie-style servings, you can enjoy your probiotic-smart treat with the satisfaction that you are contributing to a happier planet.