Because old scrap tires have become one of the world’s largest waste problems, society has had to get creative in finding ways to reuse and recycle old tires to keep them from ending up in landfills, or worse, outside of landfills where they can harm the environment. A lot of the world’s limited petroleum resources go toward producing millions of tires each year, and by reusing them, we’re able to conserve those resources and put them to use in other ways.

Why Use Recycled Tires for Waterproofing?
In the past few decades since waste tires have become more pervasive across the globe, methods have been discovered to turn them into effective road, barrier, and landfill construction, as well as finding them useful for flooring, athletic fields, mulch, and so much more. Another creative use for scrap tires that has been found is for waterproofing. Tires themselves are extremely dense and waterproof, but now through specific recycling methods like those offered at Eco Green Equipment, tires can be used to waterproof a variety of other things.

No More Leaky Roofs
Whether a roof has shingles made of tile, asphalt, metal, or even has a gravel covering, over time all roofs start to fail due to exposure and if not take care of, can cause major leaks and costly damage to the interior of a house, business, or storage facility. With waterproof lining made from recycled tires, leaky roofs no longer have to be a problem! To make this product, old tires are turned into crumb rubber and then are used as one of the main ingredients in thin rubber lining that is attached to the roof before shingles are installed. So even if shingles fail or get damaged, the rubber lining keeps rain and snow from penetrating the interior of the structure.

Foundation Lining
Similar to the product used for waterproofing roofs, recycled tires are also extremely valuable in creating products that waterproof foundations. But in this case, it’s used below ground instead of above ground. Moisture can be detrimental to the strength of foundations. In colder climates, moisture penetration of foundations can cause serious cracks when water freezes and expands. Water can also erode foundations in certain instances and threaten the integrity of the entire structure that it supports. A waterproof liner like that made from recycled tires helps prevent all of those problems. Before the foundation is built or poured, the waterproof liner is first placed as a barrier between the soil and the structure, preventing the moisture from penetrating and harming the foundation.

These are just a few of the ways that recycled tires are being put to good use after they have been discarded from cars, trucks, and planes. Equipment like that offered at Eco Green helps make sure the valuable resources that tires are made from continue to be useful while helping preserve the environment.