ECO Green Equipment has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the recycling industry for over ten years now and have come a long way. We are fast-becoming the repurposing king in providing cost-effective, complete tire recycling systems.  ECO Green’s extensive industry experience (thanks to both the management and engineering teams alike) provides custom designed tire recycling systems that deliver optimum production for a variety of applications such as TDF (Tire Derived Fuel), wire-free chips, crumb rubber and rubber powder.

Crumb rubber is extremely useful to our clients and can be seen all over, every day, when you know what to look for! By reusing old tires to create crumb rubber, we are giving new life to materials that otherwise would have been dumped into a an Earth-eroding landfill. Here are just a few ways crumb rubber is utilized in everyday items and outdoor projects.

Crumb Rubber for Highways

If you own a vehicle, you should appreciate old tires. Crumb rubber has literally been used to pave the way for drivers for a long time now. Rubberized asphalt highways last longer than their asphalt counterparts. Not only do they provide a smoother ride, they even use less paving material than traditional asphalt. Thanks to ECO Green’s recycling of old tires, drivers enjoy less time navigating around cracks and potholes and more time being safe every single day.

Roads composed of crumb rubber (some other filler and binders must also be used) even age better than asphalt. This means that construction workers aren’t constantly creating roadblocks during your lunch hour. Commute time is shortened, and your whole day seems more enjoyable once you get back home. All because of the useful properties and functions of crumb rubber.

Crumb Rubber for Welcome Mats

No home is complete without a mat just outside the front door, inviting friends and family to come inside and make themselves at home. It’s true, your house’s exterior wouldn’t be the same without a sturdy welcome mat out front. And you can give a big nod of appreciation for recycled tires, because most sturdy welcome mats are composed of crumb rubber. This material is extremely weather-resistant, meaning your welcome mat can handle ice, snow, sleet, torrents of rain and even getting baked by the summer sun.

Crumb Rubber for Kitchen Mats

Crumb rubber is also used in anti-fatigue mats, often used in professional kitchens by chefs who spend long hours on their feet all day. The springy material offers a cushion, benefitting the user’s feet, knees and spine. This is crucial to anyone who can’t relieve their joints by sitting down regularly. However, anyone can appreciate an anti-fatigue mat in their kitchen at home. These mats are helpful for anyone who spends a lot of time in their kitchen washing dishes, cooking, or baking.
Crumb rubber is very useful to our clients, no matter what profession they may be in. By upcycling worn-out tires to create crumb rubber, ECO Green has the opportunity to really give back to Mother Nature.