Living in a virtual world has both advantages and disadvantages. We can go online and have our groceries delivered to our doorstep for a small fee. We have the ability to have web chats with our relatives from across multiple time zones. It’s pretty amazing.

However, clicking a button from our home computer doesn’t give us that neighborly-feeling when we run into friends at the local grocery store. Seeing our favorite niece via webcam doesn’t convey what it’s like to give a big, warm, heartfelt hug.

And, it’s just not the same to catch up on the daily news with a hot cup of coffee over a ‘virtual newspaper’. Scrolling through headlines and swiping images doesn’t achieve a “good morning status” like flipping through actual pages of newspaper will.

So maybe it’s for that very reason you still subscribe to the Sunday paper. Maybe it’s for the coupons! Whatever the motive, you have a stack of papers in your garage that need some repurposing, and we have some ideas to get your green thinking cap glowing.

Use Old Newspaper for: Animal Friends

If you have pets in the home, you know they can get pretty pricey. Cut down on costs by repurposing all that extra newsprint! If you have a small, furry rodent such as a guinea pig, gerbil, rabbit or hamster on the premises, shred some newspaper sections to create free, soft bedding for them! Try alternating layers with full-sized sections, since critters love to chomp away at the edges at their leisure.

For cats, lay a couple sheets of newspaper along the bottom of their litter box. This not only makes clean up a bit easier, but it prevents excess residue from touching the bottom of the box, which means a little less wear and tear.

If you have a new puppy (or your kids are hoping you will get them one), having lots of newspaper around is a lifesaver. Use sheets for potty training, whether you use a crate or not.

Use Old Newspaper for: Cleaning Glass Windows

Constantly throwing dishtowels in the wash can be burdensome after a long day at the office, and using lots of paper towels isn’t easy on the wallet. Strike a compromise by just using a ball of regular newsprint.

For a natural (and frugal) take on traditional glass cleaner, just spray a diluted solution of white vinegar and water on the glass and wipe in circular motions with a balled up sheet of black and white newspaper. It cleans glass better than a rag or a paper towel.

Use Old Newspaper for: The Fridge

No matter how often we clean out the shelves and drawers in the fridge, little splashes and spills always seem to show up out of nowhere. Stop the messes from the start by lining the crisper drawers with a couple sheets of newspaper. Not only will they absorb small spills, they will lessen offensive scents as well.

Every couple of weeks, replace the old newsprint with the new for a clean, spill-free interior. (Hint: This works for the bottom of large trash cans, too.)