There are many uses that we can give to the tire out of use, in fact the quality of the products that can be produced from them is really interesting because they can contribute not only a reduction of pollution of the environment, but also it brings us a wide variety of products that cover many existing needs and that provide solution to several industries.

Initially, we can with the use of our creativity and manual capacity, build products derived from the out-of-use tires. In order to extract 100% the benefit of a tire that has already fulfilled its useful life, it is necessary to support or leverage ourselves in machines specialized in recycling tires. Fortunately, the mentality of the population majority has changed, increasingly aware the importance of taking care our planet. That is why more and more industries are immersed in the creation of products made from recycling material raw. And this is the case of the companies or industries that produce from the recycling of out-of-use tires, which rely on a tire recycling system. Discover the system developed by the experts on ECO Green Equipment, a company with long experience in the recycling market of out-of-use tires and committed to the environment.

This tire recycling system consists of a group of machines that together process the out-of-use- tires to turn them into a raw material ready for the molding of different rubber products. Here we present the series of equipment that makes this friendly transformation possible with the environment:

Stage 1: Tire Shredders

This machinery comes in two models, the ECO Monster crusher (1 axis) and the ECO Green Giant crusher (2 axes). Both models are primary crushers in what would be the first stage of the process of recycling of tires out of use. They are responsible for cutting and crushing the tire from its original form to achieve rough pieces of between 2 and 6 inches, it should be noted that the pieces in this stage can be used as TDF / TDS or continue in the transformation process. The tire shredders are capable of processing large quantities of out-of-use tires per hour and can also be used in the processing of other materials such as plastic, wood, and metal depending on their size and design.

Stage 2:Graters

In this second machine of the system of recycling of tires is the ECO Grater, also known as the grater or secondary crusher, is the workhorse of the process, since it is a powerful unit that converts the rough pieces outgoing from the primary crusher, in small free pieces of steel de or 1 inch. The ECO Grater has the capacity to process up to 12 tons per hour, being able to give commercial uses the raw material resulting in this stage.

Stage 3: Granulators

The ECO Crumbler machine processes up to 3 tons per hour of small pieces of steel-free rubber through high-speed blades until they are converted into particle size, eliminating and extracting the fibers in turn of the tire leaving granules contaminants free. The size of the granule that results from this stage are 3/8 of an inch – 400 microns (0.400 mm), taking into account that there is a multitude of mills with similar characteristics in the current market, it is advisable to look for one that is designed specifically for the type of material that will be processed.

Stage 4: Milling Equipment

Finally, the ECO Krumbuster machine is the fourth and last stage of the tire recycling system, which is responsible for grinding the granule, through a fine mill where the material enters and recirculates until it is reduced to fine dust of rubber with a size between 2 and 0.177 mm. This unit pulverizes 1 to 3 tons of rubber granules per hour.

As you can see the process of recycling of tires out of use consists of four stages of processing to get to fine dust, but it is important to note that each stage of tires recycling produced raw material used in different applications. In the case of the primary crusher are other uses that can have, its flexibility allows you to process wood, plastic, and urban solid waste. The grater machine is part of the second stage or processing line of discarded tires, the most important function of this equipment is that it extracts the steel from the out-of-use tires. The production of mulch is the most frequent uses of this machine and it is very used in the areas of gardening. The third stage, which is that of the mills, produces uniform, steel-free granules commonly used in the asphalt industry. The last stage carried out by the milling equipment produces a fine powder used for the production of rubber slabs, speed reducers among other applications.

In summary, we can say that the complete process of transformation of tires out of use in the raw material consists of four stages. It is important to highlight that each stage is also capable of producing a type of raw material used in various types of industries. The machinery manufactured by ECO Green Equipment meets the highest international standards and are distributed globally, recognized for their high performance. All equipment is made in the United States.

To learn more about the uses and applications of the raw material resulting from the recycling of tires out of use, we invite you to browse our applications section. If your interest is to acquire an out-of-use recycling system you can contact us now through the contact form or through our telephone numbers. You can also visit our equipment section directly where you will find more information about each of the machines we manufacture.