SALT LAKE CITY, UT, USA – April 24, 2013 — Eco Green Equipment, an international leader in the design and manufacture of turnkey, cost-effective tire recycling systems, announced today the addition of the ECO KRUMBUSTER®, a new fine grinding mill, to its tire recycling product line.

The new grinding mill now provides Eco Green Equipment customers with a complete solution from scrap tires to fine rubber powder processing–all in one integrated system.

The New ECO KRUMBUSTER® increases volume production of crumb rubber plus a high proportion of fine 80-mesh rubber powder. The mill also consumes less energy, uses advanced hydraulic power, and takes up less space than traditional cracker mills.

“We are pleased to offer our customers the new ECO KRUMBUSTER® as part of the Eco Green plant package, or as an addition to their existing tire recycling plant,” said Mr. Brad Swenson, Sales Manager for Eco Green. “At a time when global vendors and suppliers are demanding finer rubber mesh output, we are now able to offer a more cost-effective solution for our customers.”

Commercially proven to best conventional cast-iron cracker mills, the new ECO KRUMBUSTER® technology surpasses conventional cast-iron cracker mill production up to 50%. New design features, such as patented hydraulic-powdered grinding, are able to increase torque and friction ratios to process the most demanding loads. Unique roll corrugations, adjustable feed and input controls, and roll distance settings, provide the operator the precision to produce the exact desired output and size.

The new equipment addition was a result of an acquisition of the Krumbuster® technology from Akron, Ohio-based, Armex, Inc. Mark Hausman, founder and president of Armex, Inc., said the acquisition creates for Eco Green Equipment a new optimization of tire recycling production. “The Krumbuster® was a natural fit for the Eco Green Equipment lineup as the finishing piece to its turnkey plant design,” said Hausman.

“We are excited to work with Eco Green Equipment in taking the new ECO KRUMBUSTER® to customers globally.”

Eco Green Equipment, LLC designs, manufactures and provides superior customer support and parts for the international tire recycling equipment industry. The company’s full line of modular-designed tire recycling systems is engineered to deliver optimum production for a wide variety of rubber aftermarkets, such as TDF (Tire Derived Fuel), wire-free chips, rubber mulch, crumb rubber, and rubber powder. Eco Green Equipment provides cost-effective tire recycling equipment, including two-shaft shredders, granulators, the ECO Grater, and the ECO KRUMBUSTER®. Each component system is engineered to customer industrial production standards and local specifications.

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