Recycled tires have a wide variety of uses from simply being up cycled to a flowerpot to becoming part of your home. One especially interesting and effective use for recycled tires is as mulch in equestrian parks. The beautiful thing about almost all recycled tire products is that not only are you saving the environment by reusing something that would otherwise be sitting in a landfill, but you are also getting a superior product.

How it’s Made:

Rubber mulch is made by tires that are no longer being used for their primary purpose. Once discarded, they are taken to a manufacturer that sends them through a machine to cut them into tiny pieces small enough to make mulch, just like the equipment we at Eco Green create. The pieces have to be a certain size. If the pieces are too big, the horses or riders could trip over them. If they are too small, they loose some of their elastic properties when used as a ground covering. Once the mulch is made, it can be combined with sand or other materials to create the ideal riding surface for all involved.

Why Choose Mulch:

Rubber mulch is one of the safest equestrian surfaces available. Being made of a soft material, it provides more cushioning for both the rider and the horse and has the best shock absorption of almost any equestrian ground application. This important feature means fewer injuries for both riders and horses. It also helps prolong the performance of a jumping horse. Experts have even noticed faster times for horses who race on this surface. Additionally, a horse that is recovering from a previously sustained injury will find comfort in this soft, cushioned surface that absorbs much of their weight. There is less dirt and dust to deal with and the surface overall is cleaner and more sanitary.

Key Features of Rubber Mulch:

There are a number of unique features to rubber mulch. First, the rubber surface won’t break down like other materials and its durable make up will last for years. Second, there is no mud to worry about after wet days. The rubber dries quickly, allowing riders to ride within a few hours of a rainstorm. Third, there is less bacterial growth because rubber isn’t a natural compound that mixes with the horse’s excrement. Fourth, it is a cost effective option to other surfaces. Fifth, it is virtually maintenance-free allowing for more riding time rather than having to rake it several times a day. Sixth, it is non-toxic, making it completely safe to both riders and horses. Seventh, it is extremely durable and will outlast almost any other surfacing.

Rubber Mulch is an ideal equestrian ground covering for so many reasons. Most importantly, it provides safety and comfort for you and your horse.