ECO Monster

Looking for a powerful tire and waste reduction shredder? The ECO Monster single-shaft hydraulic shredder eats tires and other waste materials into 6″ inch minus shreds. This primary shredder comes with an accompanying custom hydraulic power unit.

ECO Green’s Monster series single-shaft shredder is designed with the latest shredding technology for all types of tires.

  • The ECO Monster can shred Semi OTR tires, large truck tires and car tires…up to 12 metric tons/hour.
  • Output provides 150 mm (6” inch) rough shreds to 50 mm (2” inch chips.)
  • Ideal for other applications such as wood, plastics, and rubber.

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The ECO Monster includes a custom hydraulic power unit 187 kW (250 HP) that powers a Hagglunds hydraulic motor. This powerful combination provides years of worry free operation with minimal operating costs and maintenance.

A 1,956 mm x 900 mm (77” x 35” inch) cutting chamber reveals an impressive set of 18 fly knives and 9 bed knives. These tool steel grade knives shred material down to 2” inches in size and are easy to change during replacement.

Equipped with an aggressive low RPM, high torque shredding technology, the ECO Monster can process Semi and OTR tires, (debeading required), large truck tires, and car tires at a rate of up to 12 metric tons per hour.


The ECO Monster prides itself on processing scrap tires… but it also enjoys shredding other materials such as wood, plastics, and MSW (municipal solid waste).

Many municipalities and landfills are now looking for more efficient shredders to process a variety of difficult waste materials such as cables, refrigerators, and aluminum scrap waste.

Depending on the required output, the ECO Monster can process these challenging items at efficient rates. Contact an ECO Green Equipment Representative for more information about this powerful general waste reduction shredder.


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