Eco Razor 63

The Eco Razor 63 is the ultimate in high quality rubber removal and preparation for down stream processing of the largest tires on earth. The patent pending technology allows processors to remove valuable rubber from all three sides of the tire. The rubber that has been removed is ready to be screened packaged, and sold. Small changes in the blade configuration allows flexibility in the size of the output material to better target the most valuable size in the market. Once the high quality rubber has been removed and processed the remaining tire can be sent down stream for further processing or be turned into other useful products, such as water tanks or wear strips.

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  • Articulating head for three sided rubber removal
  • Adjustable knives for control of output size
  • Dual head for rasping of rubber and splitting of tire
  • Patent pending


  • Tire Size: Up to 63″ rim
  • Out put material: Wire free rubber buffing chips
  • Capacity: Up to 1 ton per hour (of liberated rubber)
  • Power: 125 HP
  • Razor weight: 24,000 lbs
  • Razor dims: LxWxH 9, 144×7, 315×4, 877 (30 x 24 x 16)
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