Screening Equipment

ECO Green Equipment provides various types of gyratory screens, which transport, separate, and screens material throughout a recycling facility.  ECO gyratory screens provide reliability and operational savings for processors demanding quick transportation of processed material elements.


The process of shredding, screening, and re-circulating material effectively is only as effective as the screening equipment you use. ECO Green Equipment provides efficient gyratory screens for material transportation in tire recycling equipment. Choose your gyratory screening equipment based on compatibility and serviceability with your overall system and facility.

Take a closure look at our Gyratory Screens at work in a fully configured system.

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ECO Green Equipment utilizes various gyratory screens for the separation and screening of material from tires. Depending on the amount of rubber and material being processed, these gyratory screens are available in several sizes.


ECO Gyratory Screening equipment is useful in the transportation and separation of various other materials in addition to material derived from scrap tires. Contact an ECO Green Equipment Representative for more information about our gyratory screening equipment solutions for your operation.

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