A tire recycling business may sound appealing if the entrepreneurial bug has bitten you. Where do you need to start if you don’t have experience or a lot of money to put down on the business? Some business-savvy individuals shared their wisdom about starting a tire recycling business from scratch. Keep reading to learn from their knowledge.
Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar

CEO and Founder of DigitalWebSolutions.

Start with Small-Scale Operations

Starting a tire recycling business without experience and a minimum budget requires careful planning, resourcefulness, and a willingness to learn. Begin by researching the tire recycling industry, understanding local regulations, and identifying potential markets for recycled products. Since you have a limited budget, focus on small-scale operations initially. Reach out to local businesses, auto shops, and municipalities to collect used tires for free or at a low cost.

Consider partnerships or collaborations to share costs and resources. You can start by manually processing and repurposing tires into simple products like tire-derived fuel or rubber mulch. As your business grows, reinvest profits into equipment and training to improve efficiency and expand your offerings. Utilize free or low-cost marketing methods such as social media and networking to build your customer base. Continuous learning, adaptability, and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability will be key factors in your success.

Immerse Yourself in Tire Recycling

First, before diving into any business, especially something as niche as tire recycling, you have to immerse yourself in the scene. Pop into those online chat rooms, lurk around a few webinars, you know, really get a feel for the territory. Find out who’s who and what’s what.

Money’s tight? No worries. New shiny equipment might be tempting, but why not go vintage? Secondhand or even leasing could be your best friend here. Heck, try chatting up some local tire shops. Who knows? They might just help you kickstart things without burning a hole in your pocket.

Now, here’s the real secret sauce: it’s all about who you know. Mingle with folks, especially in local businesses or eco-groups. A friendly chat over coffee or even a casual convo at a community event could lead to your first gig. Remember, every big thing starts small. It’s the hustle, the passion, and a sprinkle of luck that make the difference.

Sudhir Khatwani

Sudhir Khatwani

Founder at The Money Mongers.
Camille Sawyer

Camille Sawyer


Find a Stable Market

Kick-starting a tire recycling business is an impressive way to make money and, at the same time, stay sustainable. In order to start a business without experience and a minimum budget, you need to find a stable market for your recycled tires. Once you see this market, you may sell them to be utilized as fuel or as rubber mulch for landscaping.

Next, you need to opt for a tire recycling strategy. You need to shred those tires and sell them as fuel, or you may recycle them into brand-new tires. Get all the necessary licenses and permits to buy the equipment to establish your tire recycling business.

Now, start gathering tires, processing them, and selling them.

Determine Possible Sites for the Facility

It seems to me that the best position of the site relies on a number of different factors. Some of them are dependent on reducing the amount of freight expenses incurred in the process of bringing in scrap tires and sending out material that has been treated. In addition, although tire sources and markets are of the utmost significance, you must also take into account other aspects of the site of your business. These aspects include zoning and permit requirements, environmental concerns, sufficient space for warehousing, unloading, loading, and road access.

Robert Smith

Head of Marketing at Psychometric.

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