If you have spare rubber tires at your shop or business, then a tire shredder would be a great investment for you.  Instead of having to pay for disposal costs, you can recycle the material.  Industrial tire shredders can handle all regular car and truck tires, as well as varying machinery tires like those for tractors and larger trucks.

Take the extra waste off of your hands and turn it into a reusable product with tire shredders.  We will help you decide the right model for your business and location and help you get it running once it is at your door.  We use a reliable process from design to manufacturing to delivery in order to keep a reputation for quality tire shredders that are built to last.  You can trust our team of designers to incorporate the latest in technology as well as the most efficient systems to make your job easier.

When you order a shredder for tires, you will be cleaning up your job site, plus growing the opportunity to make more money!  There are many uses for tire shreds, commonly called crumb, in several different markets.  Each one might be an opportunity for you to turn your used up tires into another avenue for profits.

Tire Shredders Make Resale Tire Crumb 

There are varying grades of tire shredder product on the market.  While our shredders for tires are strong and durable, they also can be adjusted to make a product that you can sell straight from your machine.  Insert the car or truck tires, and our quality tire shredders will take it down to size and clean it up, leaving the high-grade product that buyers are looking for.  The tire shredders take down the rubber to bits, all while sorting the steel and particles from the rubber gravel pieces.  You don’t need to take it to another special manufacturer or warehouse before selling the shredder tires.

This is an easy way to pick up the piles ready for the garbage that might be lying around your workplace and make additional income.  Not only that, but it also keeps the rubber from the landfill.  Many industries look for quality tire crumb in order to help their products and processes.  This will give you many ways to sell the materials and find a buyer near you.  The only place to start is with buying a tire shredder from Eco Green.

Secondary Products

Look into your community and industry connections as the first place for resale of your materials.  Some companies have tire shredders on-site and will take the whole tires off of your hands, and others will expect you to have a tire shredder and produce material that meets their specs.  Here are some places to start looking to sell the tire shreds:

– Civil Engineering projects and construction backfill
– Shoe manufacturers
– Rubber flooring designers
– Athletic field suppliers
– Asphalt laying teams
– Sustainable landscaping outlets
– So many more…

Once you research tire shredders, you will know that Eco Green is the best source for a high-powered shredder.  We can get you a tire shredder that will grind through the biggest tractor and truck tires on your site.  You will want to start asking to take the worn-out tires from others in the community, that is just how easy and lucrative it can be.

Get a tire shredder from Eco Green Equipment and start making the most of your workplace materials.  What you might typically see as waste could be your new product!