The summer can be an incredibly busy time for everyone. Work, holidays, parties, and vacations can open up many chances to create waste. However, helping the environment and being green this summer may be more easy, and cost effective, than you think. These tips will put you on the right track to being eco-friendly this year.

Reusable Bottles

One of the most effective ways to be green is to use a reusable water bottle.  Bottles such as these have a many of advantages:

  • Using these bottles allows you to eliminate typical plastic bottles from the waste you create.
  • It is significantly more cost effective to implement this method. Instead of spending almost $4 for a case of water where the bottles will be thrown away, you can spend as little as $1.50 on a bottle you can refill using your faucet.


Carpooling is one of the most efficient ways to reduce pollution and save money.  Summer can be a hectic time with driving.  Commuting to work, summer vacations, and kids sport tournaments put a strain on the wallet and the environment.

Choosing to carpool greatly limits both of these concerns.  Commuting with coworkers, while rotating whose turn it is to drive, allows you to not have to repeatedly fill the gas tank.  Visiting locations closer to your house for vacation allows you to spend more free time relaxing, by limiting the travel time, and reduces the gas required to get to the destination.  Additionally, by driving to sport tournaments with teammates, you can reduce exhaust pollution and have more fun along the way.  All of these strategies limit pollution from exhaust and optimize summer fun.

Blinds Up

“Turn out the lights!”  It’s a command you have heard your entire life, and it rings truest in the summer.  By simply turning off the lights, opening the blinds, and allowing natural light in, you will been green by reducing power usage, and cost effective by lessening your power bill.  This is a free way to save money and the environment.

Water Usage

During the summer drought season, water usage can be a very touchy subject.  However, it is something that you can easily help combat.  First, taking shorter showers is an easy way to limit water consumption.  Obviously, summer can be a very sweaty, dirty time, but quick showers are just as effective as soaking for 15 minutes.  Using the correct soil can further reduce the amount of water you use.  Water storing soil makes sure plants will not be over watered, and no water will be wasted.

Get Outside

The easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to help the environment this summer is to simply get outside!  Doing things outdoors is usually free, limits power usage in your home, and gets you active in the process.  Playing sports, going for a walk with friends, gardening, and going swimming are enjoyable, inexpensive ways to pass time during warm weather months.  Also, by being out of your home, you will limit the energy you use, lower your bills, and become healthier all at the same time.