Tires that can’t decompose are filling up landfills, and that is not a sustainable practice. As we learn more about the impact this can have on the environment, we have come up with ways to be more environmentally friendly in our use of tires. Continue reading to see some of the ways tires are becoming more sustainable.

May Flanagan

May Flanagan

May Flanagan is a digital marketer, fashion writer, and the founder of Global Green Family.

Make Black Tires Green

In the past years, efforts have been made to make tires more environmentally friendly. One of the most popular ways of making black tires greener would be the replacement of natural rubber mate-rial with a synthetic blend that’s mainly composed of silica. Silica works best as a replacement be-cause it can be well-incorporated in tire threads and is good at reducing road friction.

Another way by which companies are making tires greener would be making their production pro-cess more sustainable. This includes efforts of using less fuel, generating less CO2 emissions, and decreased carbon footprint.

Retreading Tires Saves Oil

In some cases, tires are being retreaded up to five times instead of simply being replaced. This has significantly cut back the number of tires sent to landfills, and each retread saves about 15 gallons of oil. Annually, this saves hundreds of millions of gallons.

Recycled materials are now being used more in tire manufacturing to reduce waste. Large manufacturing companies are now also developing alternative materials to natural rubber-like rubber latex to make them more sustainable.

Andre Kazimierski

Andre Kazimierski

Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy.

Mark Valderrama

Mark Valderrama

Mark Valderrama, Owner, and CEO of Aquarium Store Depot.

Retreading and Recycling

Tires are a big issue when it comes to waste as they do not break down, and instead fill up dumps across the world. People have wised up, though, and started reducing them.

Tires can now be retreaded and recycled. Rubber additives are added to waste rubber allowing it to be used to make things like rubber mats, shoe soles, and even road barriers.

When it comes to the different components in tires, oil from orange peels is being used as a substitute for certain chemicals, flora-based latex is replacing rubber, and sunflower oil is being used to replace petroleum.

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