Northern Region Cement Company (NRC) is a scrap tire collector and processing company located in Saudi Arabia. NRC has over 50 acres of stockpiled tires from the region and connected with ECO Green Equipment to supply tire-processing equipment for demanded material.

NRC purchased an ECO Green Giant primary shredder TDS (Tire Derived Shred) system and is considering ordering a second system to keep up with demand.

Currently, NRC is processing up to 500 automobile tires per hour.  Material will be used for secondary applications such as daily cover and TDF applications.



“The cooperation with ECO Green Equipment has been positive and beneficial to us as a regional processor. In fact, we are considering ordering additional equipment from ECO Green in order to increase our volumes. We endorse ECO Green and their teams to any who are considering industrial tire recycling equipment. They have been supportive and helpful during the process.”  – Mr. Uday Gautam, Project Manager, Northern Region Cement Co., Saudi Arabia



The ECO Tire Derived Shred (TDS) System is a full turnkey tire recycling system consisting of a primary shredder with separation and extraction equipment to produce and screen, clean tire shred material. This material is used in a variety of secondary rubber applications such as landfill daily cover, energy material for pulp and paper mills, and other energy uses.

ECO tire recycling systems are designed as a stand-alone module stations and can be configured with accessory connecting equipment for re-circulation and screening capabilities in a larger plant setting. ECO Green’s state-of-the-art recycling technology returns low wear and maintenance costs while potentially adapting to new or existing tire recycling systems.



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