It is always a challenge keeping our kids both safe and entertained. Throw in trying to be environmentally conscious and you’ve got a tall order. Fortunately, one product encompasses all three aspects in one—play mats made out of recycled tires. These little mats are cheaper than almost any other ground covering and can be used inside or outdoors. They are easy to use, safer than concrete, bark or sand, and eco-friendly.

Easy to Use and Customizable

Recycled tire play mats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize the space you have. Many of them come as interlocking pieces that hook together to form squares and rectangles. You can use them in somewhere as small as a playroom or as large as your entire yard. Installation is easy—there are no tools required. Simply measure your space and divide it by the size of the play mat pieces. For example, if you want to by 12×12 pieces that interlock, measure the length and width of your space and figure out the square footage in inches. Once you have that number, divide it by 12 (the inches in each play mat piece) and purchase accordingly. If that gets too confusing, simply call the play mat supplier, and they will be able to help you figure out how much material you’ll need. Once you have the pieces, fit them together like a puzzle until you have covered the desired amount of space.

A Safer Option for Kids

Another advantage to play mats made from recycled tires is the cushion they provide. Using these under your outside playground or trampoline is a much safer option than concrete, sand or even bark. Concrete is hard enough that little ones can easily break bones if they fall directly on it from a high place. Bark and sand can easily twist ankles and can become a sanitary issue if animals in your neighborhood decide to use them as a toilet. In contrast, play mats create a flat surface, lowering the chance of a twisted ankle and provide more of a cushion, lessening the chance of broken bones.


Best of all, recycled tire play mats are easy on the conscience because they are extremely environmentally friendly. Made from tires that would have otherwise been discarded in landfills, these play mats repurpose the rubber material leaving more space for other products that may be more biodegradable.  Because they are reused materials, they are also more cost-effective than almost any other kind of ground covering. In this case as with so many others, it pays to recycle.

Play mats made of recycled tires are the perfect product for your little one to ensure safety, convenience, and sustainability. For these reasons and more, this ground covering is becoming ever more popular among families and play area owners.

Eco Green Equipment specializes in making equipment that easily and efficiently turns scrap tires into recycled material like that used for rubber play mats. Browse through our blog to learn more about the various uses for recycled tires.