At Eco Green Equipment, one of our greatest goals is to help promote the recycling and re-use of scrap tires for a greener environment. Part of that goal is helping others realize how vital tire recycling is for the environment, and all of the many applications recycled tires have for everyday use.

Another important use other than what we’ve talked about on our blog is for military and police training. How? Just like recycled rubber can be a great resource for playground and gym safety, the same applies for combat, obstacle, and ropes training courses.

Using equipment like what Eco Green provides, tires can be effectively recycled and turned into wire-free mulch. Due to the solid but somewhat giving nature of tires in their whole state, rubber mulch makes for a tough but shock-absorbent ground covering for training courses.

Injury Prevention
Basic training and combat instruction is tough. It requires a lot of physical contact with others as well as the ground. Using a typical course built on solid ground can cause injuries like sprains, strains, and even breaks that can prevent trainees from getting the thorough training they need. On the other hand, rubber mulch has been proven to significantly reduce the number of injuries that occur during basic training, combat training, and police training.


Using rubber mulch for training courses is also a much more maintenance-free and cost-effective option in the long term. With the extended use that these courses get, traditional soil or dirt can wear away and compromise the integrity of the course architecture. Rubber mulch is extremely durable—it will not freeze, blow away, or erode with heavy rain. It also doesn’t decompose, which ensures that it will be around for years to come.

The Cleaner Option
With how much contact basic trainees have with the ground in combat training courses, it can make for a big mess during rain or shine. Instead of having to deal with the dust, stains, and mud on uniforms as with traditional ground covering, rubber mulch provides a much cleaner option. It eliminates the presence of mud, grass, and dirt from the course and makes uniform cleanup a snap.

Customized Options
Rubber mulch doesn’t just have to come in black. For a better visual impact, rubber mulch can be made in a variety of natural colors to fit in with the setting of the basic training or combat course.

Rubber mulch for training courses is just one of the thousands of different uses that has been discovered for recycled tires. Eco Green is proud to play an integral part in helping reduce the problem of scrap tire buildup across the world while also providing a better solution to a variety of everyday activities.