The last time you went to get your car’s tires changed, you probably saw an extra fee on the bill attributed to a “tire disposal fee.” Have you ever wondered what this fee is for and why it exists? Here’s some more information about tire disposal fees and what they are used for.

The Beginnings of Tire Disposal
Beginning in the latter half of the 20th century, scrap tire buildup started becoming a major problem in the U.S. due to the boom in automobile and airplane production. Scrap tires put such a burden on local communities due to landfill space and pollution that certain states started taking action in regulating how tires could be effectively disposed of. Minnesota was the first state to place laws for scrap tire management in 1985, and since then, 48 states in total have also passed scrap tire laws.

Currently, state regulations for scrap tires determine who can handle the material, processing requirements, cleanup, and manifests of scrap tire shipments. Fortunately, in the past two decades many improvements have been made in finding uses for recycled scrap tires, but re-using this material still comes at a cost. That’s why most states collect a scrap tire fee.

Where Your Scrap Tire Fee Goes
Depending on the state you live in, you probably pay between $.50-$2 per passenger car tire just for disposing of them. These funds don’t go solely to the actual disposal of the tires, however. In some communities, these funds help create enforcement systems and market programs for scrap tires to ensure that they don’t pollute the local environment and are recycled properly. Other communities use the fees for loans or grants to those who process scrap tires or create products from the recycled material.

In California, for example, tire disposal fees are used to support an entire organization focused on the safe and effective disposal or re-use of scrap tires. They use funds to identify and clean up illegal tire dumping sites, develop markets for recycled tires, conduct research for the cause, and also enforce laws that are already in place for scrap tire management.

Tire Disposal Helps Prevent Pollution
In the end, the fee you pay for tire disposal does a lot of good in helping the worldwide community make the most of the valuable resources found in scrap tires. By recycling and re-using scrap tires, we’re able to conserve dwindling natural petroleum resources and also prevent excessive pollution in communities across the globe.

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