Reusing Recycled Tires: 5 Benefits of Recycled Rubber Retaining Blocks

According to the Recycled Times, over 300 millions used truck and car tires are accumulated every year. At least 25% of those tires are being put into landfills, which means that every year in the U.S., 75 million tires are taking up space in a landfill when they could be reused for something better. To put this information into perspective, for every three people in the United States, there is one scrap tire that is produced.  That’s a lot of rubber!

As our society is becoming more conscious of our ever-increasing use of natural resources more and more companies are finding solutions to smartly re-use some of our most consumed products, which definitely includes tires. One example is the use of tires and recycled concrete to make large retaining blocks for soil and water. These blocks can use up to 40 recycled tires and weigh about 1,800 pounds. These blocks can be used for the following:

Flood control
When placed in places that often have flash flood warnings and dangers of mudslides, retaining blocks made of recycled tires and concrete can build up a barrier that can prevent wide spread flooding.

Slope protection and soil erosion control
This is especially useful when used in highway construction. These construction blocks can help keep dirt and soil from slopping down and falling onto the freeways. They can also help retaining walls maintain the integrity of their structure.

Wetlands reconstruction
When used in the bottom of a lake or a pond, blocks made of recycled rubber will help prevent leakage and damage to water areas.

Sub-foundation stabilizers
Retaining blocks can act as reinforcement to basic concrete foundations.

Sound barriers around airports and other places with high noise traffic
The unique combination of the rubber from the tires coupled with concrete creates an incredibly dense block that can block out large amounts of sound.

With so many wasted tires, there are always new products being invented that can productively use what would otherwise toss in landfills. These are just a few examples of how companies are getting creative in order to utilize old tire rubber that is readily available all across the U.S. In most cases of the use of recycled tires, however, the tires must be processed in some way before they’re put to use.

At Eco Green, we specialize in creating equipment that helps businesses utilize recycled tire material. From tire shredders, tire graters, tire granulators, and crumb rubber machinery, Eco Green Equipment has all the tools needed to create useful-high quality recycled tire material. With our equipment, companies can have access to material that’s not only cost effective but also helpful in sustaining the environment as well.

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