New year, new resolutions, new business goals. Allowing the refreshing reset of the holiday season and new year excitement to expand into your business plans can revitalize your tire recycling business.

Reviewing Last Year

You’re in the recycling business, after all. Take the initiatives, clients, schedules, and processes that worked well last year and recycle them into the plan for the new year. Take time to debrief and write down the significant successes and failures.

Your Ideal Year in Business

Once last year has been reviewed, take a minute and dream. In a perfect world, where would your recycling company be? What is your ideal time commitment to work and business? Which clients would you love to work with? Many entrepreneurs start businesses with a vision clear and strong on their minds, but after years in the industry, let go of the ideal and settle for whatever mediocre situation they find themselves in.

Setting Goals

If setting goals is a burdensome process for you and your business, you’re probably not doing it right. Most people blame themselves when well-intentioned goals lie stagnant and unachieved. Sometimes laziness is the culprit, but more often than not, the goal was set up for failure from the outset. Setting achievable goals is key.

Make sure the goals are within your sphere of control. For example, setting a goal to acquire two more tire contributing clients every quarter may sound good, but you have no direct control over tire contributors’ actions. Despite all you do, they may not choose to do business you’re your company. Alternatively, a goal to reach out to 10 potential tire contributors every quarter lies entirely within your power and can consistently be accomplished.

What specific goals can a tire shredding business set to become bigger, better, and more team-focused in 2022?

Goals to Grow Bigger

New Machinery

Outfitting your tire processing plant with new and upgraded equipment is the simplest way to increase output volumes.

Potential Goals:

  • We will invest X amount of income into new top-of-the-line equipment.
  • We will add one large piece of machinery every quarter in 2022.

ECO Green tire shredders are the best available in the market today. They offer a wide range of machinery from the ECO Green Giant Shedder that can process 30 tons every hour to the ECO Krumbuster, which produces up to 50% more output than regular cracker mills.


Having suppliers who provide end-of-life tires and having customers to sell the recycled product to are the critical pieces a tire recycling business needs to grow.

Potential Goals:

  • We will spend X hours searching out, contacting, and meeting with potential clients every month.
  • We will propose a partnership with ten auto industries every quarter.

Connections are everything in the business world, and time spent building and maintaining connections is never wasted. If your company is large enough, give people specific roles to connect with clients, run social media accounts and improve advertising campaigns.

Goals to Grow Better

It’s easy to get caught up in the never-ending race of growth and expansion. Sometimes the new year reset a business needs, is a stronger focus on quality and employer experience.


Maintaining your tire recycling line is vital to producing wire-free rubber powder, crumb rubber, or TDF. Dull, unoiled machinery create irregular products and cause blockages. It can be hard to find time to take care of these issues as they slowly creep up over time. The new year is the ideal time to press pause and fix what needs to be fixed.

Potential Goals:

  • To start the year, we will fully service the entire tire recycling line.
  • We will hold routine maintenance checks regularly to avoid downtime.


Setting a specific time to rest and celebrate in the workplace gives employees an event to look forward to, time to build connections, and boosts company morale.

Potential Goals:

  • We will have a celebration or staff party every month.
  • We will allocate X dollars in the budget for making the workplace more enjoyable.

Goals to Grow Together

Write letters

Sharing your goals with people that will play important roles in fulfilling them is necessary to working smoothly as a team. If letters aren’t your vibe, phone calls will do. Try to avoid informal email or instant messages. These everyday, informal forms of communication may not carry the importance of the vision you want to share for the new year.

Potential Goals:

  • I will write a letter to everyone involved in accomplishing the company goals for the new year outlining their role in achieving success.
  • I will write a thank you letter to one employee or partner every month.

Seek Advice

Potential Goals:

  • We will decide on company goals and directions as a team before the end of the month.
  • We will spend X amount of time researching successful competitors every quarter.

Listening to feedback from those on your team and others in the same industry is vital to getting your team excited about where the company is going.


As a wise man once said, “Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.” Jokes aside, this year is going to zip past. Time may be the one unrecyclable resource your tire recycling business has, and hence, it’s worth setting some goals to focus on achieving success. Excellent goals bring your business to bigger and better tire recycling production while still allowing time to reset and come together as a business.