Many companies realize their sustainable practices influence consumer purchasing decisions for several different reasons. The eco-enthusiasts below are choosing companies that prioritize sustainability. Read more about why they are choosing sustainable products.

I Choose Sustainable Because It Benefits Everyone

We do our part to make our company as sustainable as possible, so I choose to support other sustainable businesses that are employing the same practices. When you purchase sustainable products, you support companies who are committed to recycling, energy efficiency, and product biodegradability. By making sustainable choices, you’re improving the domestic supply chain by protecting valuable ecosystems, minimizing energy use, and reducing pollution.

Sustainability Indicates It’s A Durable Purchase

I am a consumer who prefers products by companies that promote sustainability. The state of our environment is getting worse and worse as the days go by, and I believe that each consumer should do their best to mitigate this to the best of their ability. I still acknowledge that most of the environmental problems are caused by large corporations and that sustainable items are not necessarily affordable to the masses.

Buying products from sustainable companies is my way of supporting the cause and letting them know that what they’re doing is worth it. Typically, the businesses that provide sustainable products are mostly small and local, so you’ll also be supporting them by [purchasing] their products.

Moreover, sustainable goods are mostly more durable to use, which makes them the more affordable option in the long run. Sustainable products can be reused a lot of times, which saves you the hassle of buying them repeatedly. Lastly, not only are these products healthier for the environment, but they are also healthier for your body.

Sherry Morgan

Sherry Morgan

Sherry Morgan is an animal lover and the founder of Petsolino.

Pratishtha Kaushik

Pratishtha Kaushik

Pratishtha Kaushik, Medical Writer and Lifestyle blogger at Healthyly.

Sustainable Companies Earn My Trust

I prefer to choose those companies which are inclined towards sustainability. I tend to buy their products as they are either obtained from sustainable resources, packaged with either recyclable or biodegradable material, and/or the company works its bit towards green living. It builds my trust in the company and the quality of its products as well.

I would like to buy from a company that gives glass bottles than from the one that provides a product in a plastic bottle. Sustainability efforts are the responsibility of each and every company. If they are concerned about the earth, they are most likely to be concerned about their customers too, so they must be a good company!

Sustainability Attracts Me

The question of how sustainable a brand [is] plays a role in the products that I purchase. When buying a yoga mat for instance, I always have to look at the materials that go into making the mat. Anything plastic or PVC mat doesn’t work with me. It’s not that PVC mats are uncomfortable or anything. It’s just that I can’t bring myself [to buy] a PVC mat while I know the effects of PVC on the environment. So yes, sustainability attracts me to some products over others.

Sustainability efforts by companies are attractive. I wouldn’t mind spending more on products from a company that puts work into being sustainable. In my opinion, creating sustainable products isn’t much of a luxury anymore. It should be ingrained in the company’s DNA.

Sally Stevens

Sally Stevens

Sally Stevens, Co-founder of

Dominic Harper

Dominic Harper

Dominic Harper, Founder of Debt Bombshell.

Sustainability Adds More Value To Products

Apart from quality and a brand’s expertise in marketing, sustainability is something that gives more value to a brand. It’s a conscious effort that a brand makes to deliver more promising products to its consumers while still thinking of how it can help the environment in the future.

It’s not a necessity, but it should be every business’ social responsibility to do the best they can to promote a more sustainable way of doing business, regardless of what their industry is. People appreciate businesses that cater to sustainable ways of delivering their services, especially in an age where people have become more conscious of the environment.

Sustainable Products Are Better Long-term

As an enthusiast of environmentally friendly products, I can say that consumers favor companies that provide a positive approach to the environment. A consumer should know the long-term benefits of having an eco-friendly product. At first, you may say that it is expensive but cost-efficient in the long run. Using all-natural products contributes to our overall health. Other companies utilize harmful chemicals that cause illness and diseases. Eco-friendly products are suitable for the planet and safer for consumers.

Tyler Garns

Tyler Garns

Tyler Garns, Founder, and CEO at Box Out Marketing.

Alina Clark

Alina Clark

Alina Clark, Co-Founder & Marketing Director at CocoDoc

I Look For Sustainable Packaging

Knowing that a company prioritizes the environment and sustainability is a critical ingredient when it comes to buying things. I’m all about buying from such companies. I wouldn’t think about spending a little extra for a business that appreciates sustainability.

In my opinion, sustainability isn’t just about what the brand says. How the company packages the product or what the product is made of contributes a lot too. For instance, I wouldn’t buy something from a “sustainable” business if they still use plastic packaging. How a brand packages its products says a lot about its focus on sustainability.

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