Instead of filling bags with trash like glass containers, paper products and plastic bottles, consider getting in the habit of recycling to save the environment. Recycling lowers the amount of pollutants in the air, soil and water while also reducing the amount of energy needed to make new materials.

Plastic Bottles

In the United States, over 50 billion water bottles are purchased and used each year at home, work and school. In addition, many more bottles are made to hold juices and food products. Old plastic containers are sent to recycling plants for processing into thread that is suitable for making waterproof textiles for use in rain wear and shoes.

Paper Products

Tons of paper products are consumed each day, especially in offices and schools. Most paper is 100 percent recyclable into new forms of paper or cardboard that is suitable for making package materials, bathroom tissue and wallpaper. One of the most important things about paper and cardboard recycling is that it reduces deforestation and habitat destruction as a result.

Obsolete Electronics

With modern technology making rapid advances, electronics are constantly upgraded to new models. This leads to tons of old televisions, computers and cellphones taking up valuable landfill space. Experts in recycling know how to tear these items down into an assortment of materials such as metal, plastic and glass.

Rubber Tires

Today’s vehicle tires are a combination of steel, fibers and rubber that are easily recyclable using specific machines. Tires are made of fuel products, leading to added pollutants in the water and soil when these items are discarded at landfills. When these are recycled, industrial tire recycling equipment shreds the rubber into material used to make safe playground mulch and carpeting materials.

Glass Items

An enormous amount of glass is thrown away each day in homes and businesses. Food containers are the most common glass items that are easily recyclable. Glass is recycled using a specialized process to clean and shatter the material for reuse. Recycled glass is suitable for making new containers and construction materials, such as kitchen counter tops and wall insulation.

Setting up a recycling station at home is easy in a corner of a kitchen or inside a garage. Use different colors of plastic bins to organize each type of material before taking the materials to a recycling center. Get everyone in a family or business involved in the fun and rewarding practice of recycling to protect our environment.