EcoGreen works hard to continue being the leader in cost-effective turnkey tire recycling systems sold all around the world. Our recycled materials then go onto to create wire-free chips, rubber mulch, crumb rubber and more, being used in all facets of life. In addition to these useful materials, there are a multitude of tire and rubber byproducts, one of which is steel.

Recycled steel is utilized worldwide as well, and will continue to play a part in saving energy and making an economic impact for big businesses and corporations. In fact, steel is so important, it’s North America’s #1 recycled material. In fact, each year, more steel is recycled in the United States than paper, plastic, aluminum and glass combined.

Surprised? No worries. We know that making steel from recycled materials uses 75% less energy than making them from raw steel materials. This also keeps much more greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere, making it the greenest option by a long shot. And saving the environment is exactly what EcoGreen strives to do on a daily basis. Here are a few ways recycled steel, a rubber tire byproduct, is showing up all around us.

Home Furnishings

Look around your home right now: chances are you have some type of metal (steel) furniture sitting nearby. Metal furniture is often made of recycled metals and is strong, durable, and great for those who appreciate the ultra-modern look in home furnishings. Many people enjoy outdoor gliders while on the patio, while others have metal tables and benches in their updated dining area.

Finding brands that utilize scrap metal is a great find, since you know you’re doing your part for the environment. It makes more economic sense, too. If you’re not sure whether something has been repurposed or not, try taking a photo of it, then finding an online forum where online users can identify the brand for you. You can also find steel furnishings at local thrift shops and garage sales.

Artistic Endeavors

Many of today’s artists see a pile of old, bent scrap metal and envision a beautiful work of art. Steel has a wonderful look and feel to it, meaning there is a lot to be gained by creating a masterpiece with steel as the main focus or material. If the steel becomes damaged or tarnished, it can be worked with to be made smooth and shiny again.

Even people who are not professional artists have used their creativity to form works of beauty out of various recycled metals and enjoy proudly displaying them on the walls of their homes or offices. There are countless artists who create pieces of intricate jewelry, too.

Canned Goods

We all have canned soups, fruits and vegetables in our kitchen pantry, but we may not equate the ‘tin’ cans with such a hardy material as steel. Actually, tin cans are really steel cans coated in a thin layer of tin, a different, weaker metal.  Tin is a soft, pliable, silvery-white metal that is able to resist corrosion, which is why it’s ideal for keeping our canned goods looking decent on the shelf. So steel keeps the canned items from getting too beat up during transport between the warehouses and the grocery store, while the tin coating protects them from slight moisture or other outside nuisances.

Once you’re finished with each can, be sure to wash it out and place it in your recycling bin. Don’t worry about the varying materials; the tin and steel are separated during the recycling process further down the road.