The day environmentalists have been striving for has arrived! Great achievements have been made in the use of recycled tires. This article will describe the ingenious use of recycled tires in the areas of:

  • sports
  • fuel sourcing
  • transportation
  • landscape design
  • playground design
  • highway construction

SPORTS – Recycled tires are being used as turf surfaces on playing fields for football and soccer. In the future, the NFL, NCAA, and Major League Soccer teams will be playing on these surfaces. This will have a major impact on games, since these turfs provide greater cushioning. As a result, it is projected that there will be better player performance and less sports injuries.

FUEL SOURCING – Tire Derived Fuel, known as “TDF,” is an alternate energy source made by processing tires into fuel chips. TDF generates more energy than coal and wood, with less burn residue and cost. TDF is used as fuel in boilers at pulp mills, paper mills, and electric utilities. In fact, Liberty Tire Recycling now makes enough TDF to meet all the electric needs of a city of about 150,000 people.

TRANSPORTATION – Crumb rubber is being used in new composite cross-ties for railroad tracks. These are replacing old creosote and preservative-filled hardwood ties. The new supports last longer, sustain heavier loads, and promote faster train speeds. For example, the Chicago Transit Authority projects that using the new supports will enable their Blue Line to take commuters home faster than ever. Instead of traveling at 15 mph, the train will do 70 mph!

LANDSCAPE DESIGN – Tires are being recycled as decorative landscape mulch material. The rubber mulch is safer than stone and wood for children, pets, and plants.

PLAYGROUND DESIGN – Playground mats and tiles are being made from recycled crumb rubber. These surfaces are softer and more flexible than conventional rubber, and more protective against falls. Surfaces made of small rubber nuggets are laid 6 inches deep. These mats protect children against fall injuries from equipment up to 12 feet high.

HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION – Highways are now being paved with rubberized asphalt. This material makes for quieter driving and is more durable than regular asphalt.


The Recycled Rubber Products Catalog – This resource is a gold mine for obtaining items made of recycled rubber. Businesses and consumers can purchase products from the companies listed. The catalog features contact information, including phone numbers and website addresses.


  1. Stock office supplies with items made of recycled rubber, sold by Green Earth Office Supply.
  2. Ensure the comfort of employees with anti-fatigue mats by New Pig Corp.
  3. Purchase pens, pencils, and promotional items via Rainbow Environmental Products.
  4. Obtain mouse pads provided by Recycled Products.
  5. Use indoor and outdoor flooring for busy office areas, available through Flexco Corporation.
  6. Greet employees and clients at doors with industrial strength mats, stocked by R. C. Musson Rubber Co., Inc.
  7. Obtain landscaping bark from the Rubber Bark company.
  8. Obtain a tire recycling system by contacting ECO Green Equipment. They are a world-wide supplier and installer of customized recycling systems. This equipment produces TDF as well as rubber mulch, chips, crumbs, and powder.


  1. Purchase your child’s backpack from Green Earth Office Supply.
  2. Brighten up your garden with colored rubber landscape mulch, provided by American Rubber Technologies, Inc.
  3. Dance the night away in footwear with soles made of crumb rubber, sold by Authentic Flat Tire Footwear.
  4. Get your golf balls from Recycled Products.
  5. Welcome people to your home with rubber mats at your entrance, provided by RB Rubber Products.
  6. Host your gatherings with cup coasters from Recycled Products.
  7. Acquire totes and briefcases at Green Earth Office Supply.
  8. Obtain home improvement products from RubberForm Recycled Products, LLC.
  9. Shop for sandals, handbags, belts, mirrors, and coffee tables at Splaff Flopps.
  10. Purchase wallets from Used Rubber USA.
  11. Put recycled tire products on your Christmas list.

Thankfully, landfilling with rubber tires is a thing of the past in the United States. Environmentalists encourage us to get on the bandwagon of using recycled products. It’s a great movement to be part of! Let’s do it for the sake of our children, our planet, and ourselves.