5 New Uses for Old Tires

Cars, Trucks, ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles), planes, trikes for kids…what do all these vehicles have in common? That’s right, they all have tires! In the United States, more than half of the total rubber used each year is made into tires, meaning rubber is a highly sought after product. Tires make the world go ‘round, in a sense, as they are used for so many methods of transportation.

However, once a tire has run its course, so to speak, there isn’t much else that can be done to extend its life. The tread of the tire has been worn, the material has cracked in several places. Throwing the aged tire in the trash seems like the only way to go. Or is it?

Thanks to the creativity of upcycling aficionados from all over the world (with a little help from the internet), more and more people are discovering how easy it is to get new life out of old items, including tires. From garden decorations and playground playthings to household items-including furniture, you can add both an artistic touch and an ode to the environment. Because one less thing in the local landfill makes for one happy Mother Earth!

In the Garden

Spare tires make for great individual gardening planters. Use tires to keep fruits and vegetables like snap peas, tomatoes and strawberries segregated for better growing, as well as a way to identify which plants they are. Use three tires  for an easy garden next to the patio, or  organize your entire suburban farm with the rubberized separators. For even more fun, try creating a simple geometric pattern to break up the monotony.

Save on Space

Stack a couple tires on top of each other for a convenient storage space for tall garden tools like rakes, hoes, and assorted shovels. You could also use them to keep sporting equipment from toppling over; hockey sticks, skis, and lacrosse sticks could work quite well.

Convenient Composting

Have you always wanted to get started with a compost pile but don’t have the money for an expensive compost tumbler? Use a couple of tires! Just stack a few directly on top of each other, making sure they’re in a spot that is out of the way but not an inconvenient trek from the kitchen. The rubber will create heat during the warmer months, making for great compost year round.

Privacy Wall

Don’t like your next-door neighbors? Create a rubber partition! A pile of used tires can create a substantial wall to create a bit of privacy. Spray paint them for a fun pop of color, then fill with potted plants and flowers. It will also serve as a natural windbreaker for those blustery afternoons.

Unique Decorations

If you think the outdoors could use a pick me up, try your hand at creating a hardy decoration for the garden or front steps! People have been known to create frogs, birds, butterflies and other fun animal species out of old tires. Not only will your decorations be unique to you, you will be saving money on otherwise pricey décor people usually shell out big bucks for.

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