Need to replace your vehicle’s old tires to prepare for winter? It will definitely save you money to repurpose them instead of paying your tire dealer to throw them into a landfill somewhere. We asked our readers to share how they have used old tires. Read on to discover the treasure trove of ideas they came up with:

Dog Beds, Shredded Tires for Walkways

There are a lot of creative ways you can use tires. From simple indoor furniture to robust outdoor ornaments, using old tires is surely an option. People have been obsessed with watching what they eat and it also translated to using eco-friendly options these past years. Old tires can be used as coffee tables, planters, dog beds, and chairs, and even shredded tires can be used as walkways.

Dust Baths for Chickens

Old tires are ideal to create dust baths for chickens. Chickens don’t bathe in water, but in dust, as it keeps their feathers mite-free. Tires have the ideal dimensions and are durable enough to stand any weather conditions. Some people spray paint their tires to decorate the chicken run.

If you don’t provide a dust bath for chickens, they will choose their spot in the garden and dig a hole in the soil. Never throw away old tires, they are the perfect gift for chicken owners!

Nick Vanderhoven

Nick Vanderhoven

Nick Vanderhoven, Founder of

James Green

James Green

James Green, Owner, Cardboard Cutouts.

Playground Structures, Horse Jumps and Obstacles

There are plenty of uses for old tires, but one of the easiest ways to repurpose them is to use them for playground equipment for children. Tire swings, climbing structures, and even sandboxes can all easily be made from old tires.

If your backyard already has plenty of playground equipment, then check to see if there’s a horse stable in your area. Horse jumps and obstacles can all be easily made from old tires, so many times they’ll happily take any old tires you might have.

Tire Swing, Chew Toy

1. Make a tire swing. It’s easy to do! Just use some rope and tie it through the holes in the tire. Then hang your tire from a tree branch and enjoy!

2. Make a tire swing out of two tires. If you have access to more than one tire, then you can make an even bigger swing by tying them together with rope or twine. Just make sure that the rope is thick enough so that it won’t break under your weight (and not too thick so that it can’t be tied).

3. Use old tires as planters for your garden. Cut holes into each side of the tire with an electric drill bit or saw blade—the size depends on what plants you want to grow inside. Plant flowers or vegetables inside the tires with potting soil, water regularly, and watch them grow!

4. Give your dog a new chew toy! Dogs love chewing on things like rubber toys or bottles because they provide relief from their natural urge to chew when they experience stress or anxiety

Ben Price

Ben Price is the co-founder of Heatable UK

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson, CEO of JunkYardNearMe.

Planters to Coffee Tables

Do-It-Yourself tire chairs are the fury. They can be utilized both indoors and out, contingent upon how extravagant you believe they should get. All you want is a tire, some rope, and a drill to make a fundamental seat. Yet, you can likewise stack your tires, add pads, or even make a couch system relying upon how definite you need to get by cutting tire parts as a backrest.

Wonderful Planters
There are several different ways to grow from tires, and this one gives the tire a bloomed look. There is some cutting included, and you might need to paint the tire to give it an incredible variety.

A Tube Seat
You can utilize an old inner tube to make a wonderful and truly agreeable tube seat. It would help if you exploded the cylinder (fix any openings that it might have) and afterward cover it with strips or texture. Little ones will adore sitting on these before the TV, or they make great seats for young people’s rooms.

You likely couldn’t have ever considered involving a tire for lighting purposes, either inside or out. These old tires can give an extremely interesting and solid method for adding a bit of the unforeseen. Utilizing either electrical or sunlight-based sources, you can make an assortment of innovative lighting decisions with tires of different sizes.

Simple Coffee Table
This is perhaps the least complex venture that you can do with old tires and just requires a tire, a round piece of board, and a couple of legs. Tidy up (or paint) that old tire, add around the board for the top, and add a few legs afterward.

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