Crumb Rubber System – Venezuela

Transformadora de Gomas is a leading processor of rubber in the city of Maracay, Venezuela. They purchased their first ECO Crumbler granulator almost three years ago and have continued to add ECO Green Equipment to their operations. The company also has an ECO Green Giant primary tire shredder and a ECO Krumbuster® system for crumb rubber production. 

Currently, Transformadora de Gomas is processing up to 700-800 mixed truck and car tires per hour.  Material will be used for secondary applications such as synthetic turf fields, rubber molded goods, and pour-in-place applications.



“We would like to thank ECO Green Equipment, our American equipment suppliers and partners for the incredible support and excellent equipment. Without them we would not be where we are today!”– Mr. Eurek Adrian, Owner, Transformadora de Gomas



The ECO Crumb Rubber System is a full turnkey tire recycling system consisting of primary and secondary shredders with separation and extraction equipment to produce fine, clean crumb rubber material. This material is used in a variety of secondary rubber applications such as rubber modified asphalt, roofing, mats, and coatings.


ECO Crumb Rubber systems are designed as a stand-alone module stations and can be configured with accessory connecting equipment for re-circulation and screening capabilities in a larger plant setting. ECO Green’s state-of-the-art recycling technology returns low wear and maintenance costs while potentially adapting to new or existing tire recycling systems.



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