ECO Green Equipment Sells Tire Recycling Equipment to Corpaul Organization

Sept 1, 2012 – ECO Green Equipment is pleased to announce that it has sold an equipment order for an ECO CR-1000 tire recycling system as well as a ECO 137-TS two-shaft shredder. Both units are to be delivered to the Corpaul organization in Medellín, Colombia.

This ECO crumb rubber tire recycling system will provide the customer crumb rubber granules for use in synthetic fields, playgrounds, and various rubber molded products. The tire recycling system will process up to 1 metric ton or 100 tires per hour for the client. It is anticipated that the unit will process over 500 thousand passenger and truck tires per year for the region.

The ECO 137-TS shredder will provide shredding of car and truck tires with input capacity up to 4 tons per hour. It is anticipated the shredder will process over 1 million passenger and truck tires per year for the region.

For more information, please call (801) 505-6841 in the USA.

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