ECO Green Equipment Sells Two-Line Tire Recycling System to American Tire Organization in Miami, Florida USA

January 1, 2011 – ECO Green Equipment is pleased to announce that it has sold an equipment order for a two-line (ECO wire-free chip and ECO crumb rubber) tire recycling system(s) to be delivered to the American Tire Recycling Group in Miami, Florida USA.

The ECO wire-free and rubber powder tire recycling system(s) will provide the most comprehensive solution for outputting wire-free chips (16 mm to 44 mm) and fine rubber powder (up to 30-mesh). It is anticipated that the system will output recycled by-products for use in future products such as rubber landscape mulch, construction materials, and various other rubber products.  Together, this system will process up to 7 metric tons or approx. 3,000 tires per hour for the client. It is anticipated the unit will process over 6 million passenger and truck tires per year for the region.

For more information, please call (801) 505-6841 in the USA.

Most innovative solution in tire recycling!

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