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Crumb Rubber


Crumb Rubber is the result of the third station in the ECO Green lineup. At this stage, wire-free rubber mulch is processed into a uniform granule with all steel and fiber removed. Crumb Rubber is typically found in 3/8” – 400 microns (0.400 mm) in size.

Crumb Rubber has numerous uses from landscaping and playgrounds to engineering applications. Many athletic fields and sporting surfaces utilize crumb rubber as a soft and absorbent layer. Numerous rubber modified asphalt roadways and rubber sealants also use crumb rubber as a main ingredient.

  • Crumb Rubber Processing:

    • Rubber Mulch material reduced to 1/4” inch or smaller
    • On Average, 10 to 12 pounds of crumb rubber can come from one passenger car tire
  • Crumb Rubber Markets:

    • Athletic Surfaces and Fields
    • Landscape Trails and Walkways
    • Molded and Extruded Products
    • Rubber Modified Asphalt and Sealants
  • Crumb Rubber Benefits:

    • Stress absorbing properties for asphalt applications
    • Virtually Maintenance Free
    • Improves surface safety of athletic and play fields
    • Diverts Tires from Landfills and Environment


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